Memorial Day

Today was just what the doctor ordered.....

Sleeping In.
Pancake breakfast with my family.
Playing in our PJs.
Swimming all afternoon at Papa & Grandma's.
BBQ-ing in our backyard.
Fun in the Garden and mud.
Kids in bed early and Matt and I watching the movie 21 Jump Street and relaxing on the couch.
Perfection :)

No pictures at the pool.  But we came home and Matt made mojitos with mint from our garden... so yummy and refreshing.

After dinner we went out to the side yard to water my garden. 
Alayna found a puddle of mud, took of her clothes, and had a blast.
She said the mud felt good on her skin. 
It was her own personal spa :)

Me posting a picture of the kids playing in the mud on Instagram, lol.

My dirty little girl....
I love her free spirit, 
she's so much like me

My squash is already so huge!  I'm so happy my garden is coming in so nicely :)  can't wait to eat some yummy veggies!

Love this picture Matt took... me taking a picture of them with my phone, lol.

Ahhhh, such a much needed down day together :)
Happy Memorial Day!
And of course a HUGE thank you to the many brave men and women who serve our country. We are so ever grateful.


Christy said…
Cute pictures. I so need to update my blog. I just need to pause long enough to catch my breath this month. I agree, mud IS spa like. ha!

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