Rib Smackin' Good

Yesterday was my first day off in quite a while, and you know what I very happily did?
Cleaned my house from top to bottom.  Yup, I was excited to clean.  How sad is that?  haha.  It's been about a month since I dusted, and like um... 2 months or more since I cleaned the master bath.  Gross huh?  Don't judge... I haven't had time.  I clean my kitchen and vacuum every week, but sometimes there just isn't time for the other stuff!  Anyhow, it felt great to get things clean and in order.  Matt spent the day smoking THE BEST PORK RIBS EVER!

Seriously, they were some of the best meat I've ever eaten.  We are serious carnivores over here.  He also made a pork butt, and while it was delicious, the ribs kind of out-shined the entire meal.

Who better to share such delicious food with than some of our dearest friends?  The Flores' came over and we had a wonderful evening together.

Aren't the kids cute?  They are saying "cheers" with their Italian sodas :)

I took Jolene out front and snapped a few pictures of her.  She's really beautiful....

Her mama sewed this dress for her.  Now I know where Jolene gets her talent from :)

All in all, it was a GREAT Saturday :)
And since it's a three day weekend.... the fun isn't over yet :)


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