Sea World

Here I am,  blogging on the car ride home again.  We had the opportunity to go to Sea World with Faith's homeschool group. Nothing like a mid week fun day :-)

This was our kids' first visit to Sea World.  They loved it.

 We saw a ton of stuff....  The penguins,  sharks,  polar bears,  sea turtles,  freshwater fish,  seals,  etc.  We saw the dolphin show,  which was really cool and probably my favorite.  We also saw Shamu, which is a must,  right? 

We went on the Sky boxes and the huge spinning observation deck thing. We stayed until 5:30 and our kids did not want to leave.  It was such a fun day!

I have cell phone pictures. :)

Love this picture of Matt and Alayna... melts me

Wiating for the sea lion show to start

Alayna loved the penguins and would have watched them all day I think

The sky box ride

Treat for kids (ice cream) + treat for parents (Karl Strouse on tap) = happy family

Me and Alayna on the sky box ride

Polar bears... this guy came right up to the glass, it was so cool

The view from the sky box

Watching the sea turtles... it made me want to go snorkling!

giant sea turtle laying in the sand

sea turtles

Waiting for Shamu to start

Ethan was winking here... lol


Jessica how do you make your pictures so big even from your cell phone? If you look at my blog you will see the last few posts are from my phone and the pictures are so small! I have android like you .....
Jessica said…
Hmmm, I'm guessing it's your phone Sarah? My old phone used to do the same thing, but I got a new one in November with a way better camera. I also have it set to take the largest size picture possible.
Kelly said…
So fun! Your clothing tells me it was much nicer weather there than it was here. :) Glad the kids liked it!
Christine said…
how FUN!!! love sea world. we would go a lot more - if it didn't cost the earth to go!
Christy said…
So glad you had a fun mid week family day. :) We LOVE that place.

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