A week of highs and lows

This has been quite the emotional week, filled with highs and lows.

To start, Matt's brother Mike and his wife Heather welcomed their fourth baby into the world.  Jeffrey Mark Hekman was born very early in the morning on April 26th.  We were able to visit him a bit in the hospital before we left for Vegas.  He's a cute little peanut and the kids were very excited to meet their newest cousin :) 

Jeffrey makes the number of Hekman cousins an even ten.

Now, onto the lows. Our first night in Vegas we received a call from Matt's mom.  They had received the unfortunate news that Sid (Matt's dad) was diagnosed with a cancer of the blood, called multiple myeloma.  This was definitely not news you want to hear, especially on vacation :(  Sid had been in the hospital for a week because his kidney's were not functioning.  Unfortunately this is because of the cancer.  He actually already started chemotherapy yesterday and will be going home from the hospital today.  This is a huge relief because hopefully both Sid and Marlene can get some rest now in their own home.  The hospital is never any fun.  The chemo will take about 8 weeks total.   We would really appreciate your prayers.... prayer for healing for Sid, and that he could have a good quality of life.  He has yet to retire and I would just love to see him be able to relax and enjoy life.  We deeply appreciate your prayers!


Christine said…
LOVE the precious newborn shots and how bright you got them - but not over exposed. Beautiful!

Sooo sorry to hear about matt's dad. that is terrible news - (and on vacation too). praying God heals and keeps him and the family close to Him during this time.
Carly said…
I love the beautiful newborn baby pictures! Praying for your family!
Christy said…
Oh Jess, Dan and I are just so sad to hear Sid is sick. Please if you think about it tell him we are praying. If you get a chance can you email me his address so I can drop a card in the mail.

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