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Family Photoshoot

I mentioned in a previous post that we had gotten together with my friend Jhen Stark and taken photos of each other.  These are some of my favorites of the ones she took of our family.

I love her signature eyelash shot :)

These last four she took with my camera, so I processed them :)

I'm going to get a couple of canvases made from the session, and maybe a standout or two.  I love having pictures that make me happy all over our house :)

My silly girl...

The other evening we were all eating dinner outside together.  Alayna went in to use the restroom and came out sans clothes.  She immediately hopped onto her scooter for a little ride.  She enjoys being in the buff, lol.  Silly girl.

Gotta love this one of Ethan running and laughing and Alayna chasing him... in the buff, lol.  My crazy free girl! 
Must be nice, huh???

We did a photoshoot with our own little family last month, I finally got some of my favorites up on my photography blog, so please take a look over there :)

I am way behind on posting.  We returned from vacation to a very busy week, so this week I am still playing catch up.  I have client shoots to finish up and then I hope to post some of our pictures from Colorado.  I'm going to just design and order a hardbound album with my favorite pictures, so I won't be posting all of them.

Bocce Ball

We were in Colorado last week for vacation and I have so many pictures to share.  However this was from the week before we left and was pretty cute.

We got out the bocce ball set one evening after dinner and taught the kids to play.  Ethan was actually decent.  I love summer evenings when we can be together outside :)

Such a fun game, and one we'll have to play more often.


My friend Krista and I hosted our second Crafternoon.  We had 14 ladies attend and made five different crafts.  It went off without a hitch and was a lot of fun.

This time around we had people bring a goody to share, which worked out nicely and allowed us not to have to do everything.

My two crafts were succulent plantings and glass etching.
The succulents are all clippings from my mother in law (otherwise there's no way I could have afforded to purchase all of those, they are expensive!).  I purchased a bunch of little containers from all over the place, some of them are vintage, some of them are new, and then we planted succulents in them.

For the glass etching everyone brought their own casserole dish, and then we etched our last names or initials on the side or bottom.

Krista had three crafts.  The first was these cute little necklaces that we all made.

We decougpagued a picture onto a tile.

We decorated mason jars with vintage lace and burlap.

 All in all it was a huge su…

Faux Father's Day

Are you wondering what that title means?
Well, this year Father's Day falls on the 10th anniversary of my father's death... a day that isn't easy or happy for me.  So, we decided to celebrate Father's Day a little early for Matt so that we could have a happy day together :)

Alayna was actually gone at my mom's having a sleepover the night before.  We woke up in the morning and had breakfast just Matt, Ethan and I.  Ethan was excited to give Matt his card and present.  We enjoyed waffles and a little play time with Ethan.

Look at Cookie trying to get some love from Mat... lol.

Then I cleaned the house and Matt did yardwork.  I guess that's not super fun for Father's Day is it?  Unfortunately when you live on a half acre of jungle, you have to spend a lot of time in the yard (or hire yard keepers). 

My mom brought Alayna home.  She did her hair super cute (I am not talented like this and have no idea how to do hair).

While I was fixing dinner I stumbled u…