My friend Krista and I hosted our second Crafternoon.  We had 14 ladies attend and made five different crafts.  It went off without a hitch and was a lot of fun.

This time around we had people bring a goody to share, which worked out nicely and allowed us not to have to do everything.

My two crafts were succulent plantings and glass etching.

The succulents are all clippings from my mother in law (otherwise there's no way I could have afforded to purchase all of those, they are expensive!).  I purchased a bunch of little containers from all over the place, some of them are vintage, some of them are new, and then we planted succulents in them.

For the glass etching everyone brought their own casserole dish, and then we etched our last names or initials on the side or bottom.

Krista had three crafts.  The first was these cute little necklaces that we all made.

We decougpagued a picture onto a tile.

We decorated mason jars with vintage lace and burlap.

 All in all it was a huge success and a lot of fun!  If we do it again it should be a breeze, since we got our little program down now :)  Thanks for co-hosting with me Krista!


Christy said…
Looks like you had tons of fun. Great job girls!
Crystal Keilers said…
So fun! We've done four craft nights with my MOPS group & I am SO doing the etching next time.
Jessy said…
How fun! That's such a cute idea. Love all the crafts!
Brenna said…
What a great idea!! Would love to do this with friends :)

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