Faux Father's Day

Are you wondering what that title means?
Well, this year Father's Day falls on the 10th anniversary of my father's death... a day that isn't easy or happy for me.  So, we decided to celebrate Father's Day a little early for Matt so that we could have a happy day together :)

Alayna was actually gone at my mom's having a sleepover the night before.  We woke up in the morning and had breakfast just Matt, Ethan and I.  Ethan was excited to give Matt his card and present.  We enjoyed waffles and a little play time with Ethan.

Look at Cookie trying to get some love from Mat... lol.

Then I cleaned the house and Matt did yardwork.  I guess that's not super fun for Father's Day is it?  Unfortunately when you live on a half acre of jungle, you have to spend a lot of time in the yard (or hire yard keepers). 

My mom brought Alayna home.  She did her hair super cute (I am not talented like this and have no idea how to do hair).

While I was fixing dinner I stumbled upon this....

Ethan was fixing Alayna's hair for her.  He was quite intent about it :)

 Haha... wow... lovely huh?  :)

We made Matt a dinner of his request: grilled rib-eye steak, grilled corn on the cob and fruit.  It was nice to be together and relax. 

We sure do appreciate Matt.  I couldn't ask for a better father for my kids!


Shelly McGuire said…
Lol. I love her hair!! When your mom did it (I wish I could do that!!) and when Ethan did it. lol.
Kelly said…
*Such a great idea to make Father's Day a little easier for you and do it early. :)
*I'm with you and girls' hair. I can do pigtails and that's it. I'd love to be able to french braid.
*That has got to be the sweetest/cutest sight to come in on Ethan making her hair pretty. :)
. said…
your pictures are always so pretty.

love this post!
. said…
(THANK YOU, friend!!! I am so blessed by you!!)
Christy said…
I always think of you around this time of year and your sweet dad and how he touched our lives.

I'm no good with the girls hair either; truth be told I had to go on the internet and watch how to do cute girl hair styles, although if Ethan keeps at it you may be free from doing her hair. LOL!

And yes you are blessed with the best daddy ever for your to kiddos. :)

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