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We got out the croquet set and played with the kids one evening last week.  Ethan LOVED it and did decent, and Alayna hated it and whined and asked to do something else :)

When we play physical games like this with Ethan it totally fills up his love tank.  He thrives from it.

 So fun :)  I have very fond memories of playing this with my family as a kid.

Hawaii, Our 10th Anniversary

We had been very looking forward to this trip since we booked it three months ago. On the morning of our anniversary we left our house at 6:15 am to make it out to LAX for our flight.  We made sure to give ourselves plenty of time as you never know how traffic will be out there.  We made it up to our terminal with time to spare so we enjoyed breakfast at the Chili’s at the airport before our flight.  We were pretty much giddy to get to Hawaii.

We arrived in Hawaii an hour later than planned and had quite a rough landing, but it didn’t matter because we were on vacation!!  We rented our car, stopped at Costco for some groceries, and happily drove to our resort in Ka’anapali, the Ka’anapali Beach Club (a timeshare).

This was the view from our 12th floor room... it was amazing to look out at this every day :)

This was the view from the other side of the condos, so we got to see this whenever we walked out to the elevator :)  On the right is the pool for our resort.

The first thing we di…