4th of July

We had a really nice 4th of July this year.  We started the day off with homeade waffles.  We then went for a hike in the Crafton Hills.  It was a really enjoyable hike, both kids did great and it was cooler than normal so we didn't melt. 

After our hike we ran home and grabbed our lunch and swim stuff and then went swimming for a couple of hours at Matt's parent's house.  Our little fishy kids love to swim, as do we :)

We went home for naps to rest up for fireworks.  Matt's parents came over and we BBQed.  It was so nice that Sid could come for a bit as well.  He was in between chemo so he was able to get out. 

The kids had a blast playing with the sparklers I bought.  This was their first experience with them.

We packed the kids up and went and parked near the high school for fireworks.  They were soooooooooooooooooooo excited.  They loved every second of the show.  It's so much fun to share those experiences with them and it makes me feel like a kid again :)

All in all a wonderful day!


. said…
looks like a fabulous fourth! i especially love that last picture! they are precious!
Christy said…
Sid looks GREAT! I pray for him every time I pass their street going down County Line. :) Glad you had a fun time with your kiddos. I love their 4th outfits. I tried to get my girls to wear something and they just rolled their eyes at me. Guess were past that phase. ha!

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