Hawaii, Our 10th Anniversary

We had been very looking forward to this trip since we booked it three months ago. On the morning of our anniversary we left our house at 6:15 am to make it out to LAX for our flight.  We made sure to give ourselves plenty of time as you never know how traffic will be out there.  We made it up to our terminal with time to spare so we enjoyed breakfast at the Chili’s at the airport before our flight.  We were pretty much giddy to get to Hawaii.

We arrived in Hawaii an hour later than planned and had quite a rough landing, but it didn’t matter because we were on vacation!!  We rented our car, stopped at Costco for some groceries, and happily drove to our resort in Ka’anapali, the Ka’anapali Beach Club (a timeshare).

This was the view from our 12th floor room... it was amazing to look out at this every day :)

This was the view from the other side of the condos, so we got to see this whenever we walked out to the elevator :)  On the right is the pool for our resort.

The first thing we did after unpacking was throw on our bathing suits and run out to swim in the ocean.  I had been looking forward to that since we booked the trip.  After swimming for a while we ordered a pizza from the to-go kitchen at the resort and brought it back to our room.  It’s a vacation tradition for us to have a local pizza and bottle of wine in our room, one we started on our honeymoon on this very island.

Our room was so nice (a one bedroom suite with a kitchenette).  We cooked breakfast in there most mornings, and also made lunch and ate it there, and then enjoyed dinner out every night.

Being that Hawaii is three hours behind us in time, and we had been up since 5:30 that morning and not gotten much sleep do to a freak thunder storm, we were pooped and fast asleep by 9:00 (an unheard of thing for us, as we usually don’t go to bed until 11:30).  We happily awoke at 6:00 the next morning after 9 hours of sleep .  We were down at the resort’s breakfast buffet at 7:00, right when it opened, lol.  We then had on our suits and were at the beach before 9:00.

It's rare for me to watch the sunrise, as I'm usually still in bed :)

Really that’s how most of our mornings went, although as the week progressed we adjusted to the time difference and weren’t up quite so early.  It was so wonderful to just be able to put on sunscreen, gather our snorkeling gear and walk out to the beach. 

 The snorkeling was great in front of the Westin timeshare resort, which was just a 10 minute walk down the beach.  We would spend our mornings snorkeling and laying on the beach, walk back to our room and make lunch, and then head out to the pool for the afternoon J  It was WONDERFUL!  We thoroughly enjoyed relaxing.  We honestly thought we’d want to do more exploring and activities, but we just loved being at the beach so much we never wanted to leave.  We each read our books and just enjoyed not having to worry about anything.

These are all cell phone pics...

I cannot tell you how much I just love the water there... so clear and warm and such a lovely color.  I loved being in the ocean.

Chillaxing by the pool... book in hand.

Our first full day there we went to the Maui Brewing Company for dinner.  We love to go to local breweries when we travel, and try out their goods.  This place had really yummy beer, my favorites being the pineapple wheat and the coconut porter.

One afternoon we drove up the coast to one part of Maui we had not explored on our Honeymoon.  We stopped along the road and took pictures here and there.

On our way back to the resort we stopped at a highly recommended sushi restaurant and the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua.  We had some seriously delicious sushi. One of the things I had looked forward to about Hawaii was all of the fresh seafood.  I managed to eat fresh seafood every single day we were there.  Yum!  I could eat like that all the time!

We made sure not to miss any of the gorgeous sunsets, and enjoyed watching them each night.

We went out for our “special 10 anniversary dinner” one evening to a place we’d read about in Sunset Magazine; The Plantation House.  It did not disappoint, located on a beautiful golf course with amazing views of the ocean.  We both enjoyed amazing fish and crème Brule for dessert.

The view from our table

We played a lot of Gin Rummy and a little Farkle in our room.  We didn’t turn on the TV once, and after we came back to the room for the evening we would usually just enjoy playing games with the sliding glass doors wide open, the ocean breeze flowing through the room and the sound of the waves crashing below us.  It was wonderful.

Our resort had a little mini golf course.  We played one evening.  I hadn’t played miniature golf in years, it was fun.  I think Ethan might be old enough to give it a try.

Our last evening there we went out to the beach and took some pictures.

We then came back and had some wine on our patio.

 Then we walked down the beach and had dinner at Duke's.  We walked back in the dark and it was so much fun, I'm never out on the beach at night, lol.  I ran down the beach like a kid and felt so free.

Sadly all good things must come to an end.  What a wonderful trip we had, and we were so very grateful to be able to do that. We were sad to leave the beautiful, relaxing island, and for our vacation to come to an end, but excited to go home and see our kids.  Our flight home went great, it was calm and quiet and we each read our books the entire time.  We got home at 11:30 at night so we had to wait until morning to see the kids.  They were both so happy to have us back, and excited to receive the prizes we got them.  A huge thank you to my mom and Beth who did a wonderful job caring for them while we were away.  It was so nice not to have to worry about them and to just be able to relax.
We decided that this kind of trip definitely needs to happen much more frequently than once a decade J


Teresa DiMillo said…
What an awesome post! I read it to Todd. We are so jealous! We can't wait to do something like that. Todd said, "Farkle?"
Jessica said…
Haha, Farkle is a dice game :-)
Christy said…
Oh man I thought Farkle was code for something else. ;) Ha! We LOVE it there too and LOVE Dukes. You have to take the kids back and throw them in that water. They will love it! I feel a family vacation coming on. :)
Happy 10 years friend.
. said…
WOW!!!!! what an amazing vacation. i am totally drooling over here. your pictures are soo perfect. love every bit of this!
Brenna said…
Fun fun!! Great pictures. We love Maui, we were heart broken when we left. At least we got a good souvenir out of it. ;) haha
Crystal said…
So fun! And I just love that you didn't turn your TV on once! Who does that?! But card playing and ocean breezes sound perfect to me =).

And, as usual, your beers made me crave beer. ;) xo

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