Recent Snapshots

Some recent snapshots from Instragram over the past month (in no particular order)...

While Ethan is at VBS this week Alayna and I have gotten to hang out for a few hours every morning.  Here we are at Starbucks where Alayna enjoyed a chocolate donut and chocolate milk. Ethan has LOVED VBS, which has been great. 

One of our summer fun activities.... slurpees

Roasting marshmallows on the BBQ.  Neither kid liked how the toasted marshmallow tasted.

Swimming at my in-laws.  We've been doing that a lot this summer.  Ethan has become quite the proficient swimmer.

An after dinner walk

Hiking with friends in Forrest Falls.  Ethan and his buddy holding hands :)

Alayna has been very into her Legos lately

We were eating dinner outside one night.  Alayna decided to go inside to go to the bathroom and came out in the buff.  She then took a few laps on her trike.  My little nudist....

Pulling a slip out of the Summer Fun jar.  It has helped us have something fun to do each day and the kids look forward to pulling the slip, no matter what it says they are excited :)

Cheap thrills.... Alayna talked me into this today while Ethan was at VBS

Another nest of baby birds just flew the nest.  This is the third batch this year up here.  They are house finches.

Made this and it was oh so tasty.  It's a watermelon margarita.  You just freeze watermellon, then blend it with the juice from a lime, a little mint, and tequila.  It was so refreshing and yummy.

I took Alayna for Frugos today while Ethan was at VBS.

A scene from one of our after dinner walks... which sadly we aren't taking this week because Matt refuses to walk in this heat, lol.

Ethan took this... we were both proud that I actually built something out of Legos :)  I can follow directions, I just can't come up with ideas on my own.

This was when we went to the Regional Park a few weeks back.

Fun with the water table.

Fun in the sun at the Regional Park.  The kids had a blast playing in the sand and with friends.

One of our summer fun activities was taking lunch to Grammy at work.  It was a win-win situation because the kids loved seeing her and it made her day :)

The pet store was a summer fun activity one day.  They love looking at all the animals.

Grandma reading them a book one Sunday morning while we wait for a table at the Kopper Kettle.

Dinner with some of my favorite people :)


Alayna was quite smitten with her baby cousin Jeffrey when we went over there for Clayton's birthday.

Matt finally installed the under cabinet lighting we purchased when we bought our home... almost two years ago :)  It looks great!

Fresh apricots.  We actually got some this year and they were yummy.  We are currently making a batch of apricot infused vodka with them.

The highlight of a trip to Staters... riding in the car shopping cart

On our way to one of our summer fun outings


Charlee said… has little build its from randon pieces that we love! they have holiday themes and eveything. It also comes in the Lego jr magazine which is free!

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