Activities for the heat

The heat has been quite intense for a few weeks now.  Not only is it hot, it's been hot and humid, which I don't do so well with.  I am definitely not Southern.  I can handle 103 if it's dry heat, however throw in 30-40% humidity and there's not way I'm voluntarily doing anything outdoors but swimming.  Now that creates a bit of a challenge for my kids and I, because we LOVE being outdoors.   We've spent a lot of time indoors the past few weeks (except when we're swimming).  Here are a few things we've been up to:

Building with Marshmallows and Toothpicks.
I was amazed that this activity kept the kids busy for nearly an hour.  They loved it.  However, don't let your kids do this if you don't want them eating a whole lot of marshmallows :)

Crown Making
Today, per Ethan's request, we made crowns, which the kids painted and then decorated with jewels.

Don't you love all the paint on his face?  hehe.  He wiped black paint onto his face and then tried to wipe it off.

After we were finished they were so cute... they walked around the house holding hands proclaiming they were the king and queen of the house :)

This activity also took up nearly an hour, mostly because they were quite excited that I let them paint with my good craft paints (a first).

They then proceeded to dance around their "castle" holding hands, which was the family room :)

One day we made rice Crispy treats.  Naturally they also enjoyed devouring them :)

Of course there's always the usual playing with of toys, like building towers out of blocks, and many other things that I failed to take pictures of.

We haven't even eaten outside due to the heat, which is rare for us during the summer.  When it's still in the high 90's at dinner time, that's just too miserable to eat outside.  I'm ready for some more reasonable weather now, say maybe in the 90's with low humidity :)

We still have two more weeks until school starts for Ethan (three days of Junior Kindergarten), and we plan on spending as much time as we can in the pool and doing fun stuff!


Charlee said…
Make kool-aid or jello play dough it smells good and the jello has a great texture. To dress it up you can add large flake or small flake glitter too.

We have done slime at home, and we did cup stacking with solo cups and making towers then we played angry birds and knocked them down :)
Crystal Keilers said…
You're such a good mama =). Miss you a ton (& a half).
Jerrod said…
You're such a good mom!!!

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