Beach Day with the Flores'

This past Saturday we set aside our "to do" list, packed up and headed to the beach to spend the day with the Flores' on Danny's birthday.  This was the first time we took our kids to the beach this year, and they were thrilled.  We all had such a great day.

Oh, and I just have to mention that all of these pictures were taken with my old camera (the Canon 30D) and a cheapo plastic 15-55mm kit lens.  Matt and I shot a wedding the next day and there was no way I was going to get sand on my nice gear.  Just had to throw that out there to show you that you can indeed take great pictures with not the best equipment ;)

Ethan didn't really venture into the water far, but had fun running from the waves.  Alayna on the other hand loved it and despite shivering she wanted to go in again and again.

 Ethan and Christian had so much fun together all day.

  Jolene buried the four kids in the sand, but they didn't stay there too long.

Alayna spent much of the day just like this... laying in the sand.  I think she just likes the warmth and finds it relaxing, because she does this whenever we swim.  I thought she had fallen asleep at one point, but she was just contentedly laying there.  Oh, and my new best friend at the beach is baby powder.  It gets sand off of the kids so easy, much easier than trying to wash them down.

We ended the day with dinner at Buca di Bepo's.  What a perfect summer day.  Matt and I agreed we need to take more Saturdays like that.  Saturdays are usually filled with yardwork, cleaning and sometimes photoshoots at the end of it all for me.  It's good to just go play :)


Christy said…
Sounds like a really fun day. I too love to just lay on the warm sand with no towel. :)It's cute that she does that.
these pictures are GREAT! that camera aint too shabby!!! :) so how does this baby powder trick work? i have always wondered! do you put it on at the end of the day when they are sandy?
BC said…
Sounds like you have a near perfect life! :)
Kelly said…
That is the CUTEST little swimsuit Alayna has on. Adorable!! You have pretty fine tastes for restaurants...what do you think of Buca di Bepo? The couple times we've been we've felt like it was so-so after we left.
. said…
WOW!! what beach is that? Beautiful!!! i love these summer days... wishing ours would last...
kim said…

I have followed your blog for a while.. We recently went to Newport.. I was wondering what beach that is... The water looks very blue... We have been to so many ove the years and haven't found an absolute Favorite...

Thanks Kim
Jessica said…
We went to Crystal Cove State Beach. Parking was $15.00, and you had to walk down some stairs, but the beach was super nice, we loved it and would definitely go back.

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