Two Nights In the Desert

Last summer we did absolutely nothing fun as far as vacations go.  The only trip we took was up to Ripon for Matt's grandma's funeral, which isn't exactly something you'd consider a vacation.  It was a rough summer with lots of struggles and not a whole lot of fun.  So, with that being said I can't tell you how nice it's been to have such a fun summer.  To go on vacations to Colorado and Hawaii, spend lots of time swimming, and enjoying one another has been so refreshing for my soul.

We were able to get away for two nights with our kids to the Worldmark Resort in Indio.  The Oates got us a room for super cheap, and not only was it a room... it was a two bedroom condo with a full kitchen and living room... super nice.  So we packed up and headed from the hot 103 of Yucaipa to the hot 112 of Indio :)

We were either swimming or hanging out in the lazy river or our room.  The kids had a blast and it was fun to get away and take them on a little vacation.  It was also fun that the Oates were staying there, so we got to hang out a little.  The kids were so excited to stay at the resort.  They even got their own room with twin beds and did great sleeping together.

Thanks Oates for letting us come out and stay here!

I didn't bring my camera but here are a few cell phone pics....

Ethan loved the splash pad

What trip to the desert wouldn't be complete without some Instagram pictures of the Windmills?

Alayna on the splash pad

More windmills

Us ant the Oates... right before we headed home on our last day

Me and Faithy

Matt and I chillin' in the kiddy pool

These ducks would come up to our window every morning... probably hoping we would feed them bread, however we were good and didn't ;)


Alayna finally decided jumping in the pool is fun... she hadn't done this all summer

The kiddy pool is a pretty nice place to relax


Kelly said…
What fun!! Seems like the pool area was very little kid friendly. :) Glad you have had such a great summer of vacations. :)
Christy said…
So glad you are getting away and having lots of fun this summer. :)

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