Ethan's first day of junior kindergarten

Ethan had his first day of pre-k (junior Kindergarten) today.  He's been looking forward to it all summer.  In fact he's been so excited about it we had to make him a countdown calendar.  He was up and dressed by 6:20 today, even though we didn't need to leave until 7:50 :)  He was a little nervous when we dropped him off, but still very excited.  We stayed until the bell rang and walked him to his classroom. 

Since Ethan was up and ready so early we got to sit outside and watch this beautiful sun rise.  The humidity made for a gorgeous one!

Matt met up with us at Ethan's school to say goodbye :)  Kind of cool for Matt that now our kids get to go to the same school he went to for elementary and junior high (Redlands Christian), and cool for me because this is the school where I taught second grade :)  Now I get to be on the other side as a parent... it's crazy.

Alayna was pretty stoked to spend the morning with me.  We skipped the gym today since I had to get some fasting bloodwork done.  Afterwards I was STARVING so we had breakfast at Panera Bread :)  We then stopped at the fruit stand, got gas and went to Ross.  It was quite nice!

When I picked him up he had the hugest grin on his face.  He said he LOVED school.  The things he told me was that he thought his teacher was very beautiful, he got to play on the playground and they read Bible stories. I asked him if he made any friends but he said he couldn't remember anyone's names, lol... he's bad with names like his mama I guess.


Kelly said…
I'm so glad he had such a great first day!! I bet it was so neat for you to see that big grin as he came walking out. :)
Christy said…
Glad he had a great first day!!
Teresa DiMillo said…
That's awesome he had a great first day! You need to make sure on his last day of school, you make a sign saying LAST day of JK and take a picture, so you can see how much he has grown in the year. I'm sure you loved the alone time with your little lady.

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