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There's SO much I'd like to get out on this blog sometimes, but lately I have very little time to blog.  Since Ethan is no longer napping, and I always have several hours of work to do each day, I try to be very productive while he has his "quiet room time".  This means that lately I've been trying to ONLY work... no social media or Pinterest or blogs.   A few random tidbits on my mind right now....

*Ethan has been ROUGH the past few weeks/month.  He won't nap, yet he's quite exhausted.  Then we spend the evenings with him having horrible behavior and needing to get to bed by 7:00.   Lately he won't play with anything or do anything constructive, he just roams around the house or gets into trouble.  Thus, I'm quite happy for him to have started school.  I'm really hoping this helps him out and his behavior at home gets better, because goodness gracious it's been TOUGH.

*Feeling majorly antsy to craft and create and re-decorate... but really don't have the time for it right now.  I'd really like to get Alayna a "big girl bed" and re-do her room a little since she turns three in two weeks.  I'd also like to finish decorating the master bedroom... since we've lived here almost two years.

*Trying to gear up for a busy fall :)  Birthdays for my entire family and lots of photography work :)

*My hair has been falling out in gobs for the past two months.  Trying to figure out what's going on... just got blood work done and will go back to the doctor next week.  I hope not to be bald but I guess I can always get a wig, lol.  Seriously though, it's a major bummer because my hair is already super thin.  I'm trying not to stress about it.  I hope we can figure out why this is happening.

*Alayna wakes up dry most nights but STILL won't go #2 in the potty.  SO frustrating.  She asks for a diaper and then goes in it.  We put her on the potty and she acts like she tries, but nothing ever happens.  She's gone #2 like three times in it.  We've tried everything, but I definitely prefer one diaper a day to her pooping in her panties, because that is NOT fun to clean up.  We'll get there one of these days right?  Who knew my boy would be so much easier to potty train than my girl.

*I can't beleive Alayna will be THREE in just two weeks :(

*When will my kid's obsession with potty talk end????  It's a constant battle with them, and I'm mighty tired of it.

Hmmmm.... that was mostly negative huh?  Well to be honest, the past month has been a little rough.  You see all my happy pictures on Instagram, I guess this was a little mind dump :)


Christy said…
Man oh man, sometimes parenting is just like that huh? I'm feeling your pain this month sister!!
BC said…
Hang in there! Gracie had her issues with the potty too! But she came around. Although, I think I read every book out there LOL. I had the same problem with my hair about a year after Sofia was born. Dr. V from Beaver thought it might be my body still adjusting to the hormones. Crazy - hope you get it figured out and get good news!! Maybe decorating will help you enjoy your month and bring about your awesome creative side again! :)
Stacy said…
Oh my gosh.. you are living my life 13 years ago... totally the EXACT same thing happened with Josh and Lauren (potty training issues) It does get better.. Lauren just woke up one day and decided she didn't ever want a diaper again and no more accidents(just a bit over her 3rd b-day)
My hair also has been falling out alot this past month.. more than normal. I know the hard water is bad for it.. we bought a new shower head years ago with a water filter in it. I think I need to replace it .. that might be whats wrong. On vacations where there is soft water.. my hair never falls out.. hmmmm.. didn't think ya were gonna get all that huh ;-)
Shelly McGuire said…
I hear ya! My girls talk about poopy and potty all the time. lol. I pick my battles. They can talk about it at home but not out in public...they are usually pretty good about it. What is it about that??!?
Crystal said…
I love you friend. I miss talking in person about all of these things. xo

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