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This n That

-Our church is reading through the Bible in 90 days.  It's petty intense... there's around 12-16 chapters to read each day.  It takes me around 35-45 minutes.  I've been doing half in the morning and the other half in the evening.  It's been kind of cool to read through so many chapters at once (something I've never done before).  I feel so immersed in it.  An added benefit is the kids seeing me with my nose in the Bible for more than five minutes each morning (I was previously just reading two chapters each morning at breakfast time).  The other morning I was outside reading, when Ethan woke up he found me out there and decided to get his own Bible and join me :)

-Ethan's class has show and tell every Friday and they get to bring something that starts with the letter of the week. Last week was "C", so we brought in Cookie for him to show :)  He thought it was pretty fun to bring in his dog.

-I'm second shooting a wedding with another photograph…

A visit from family

The same weekend we had Alayna's birthday party my Aunt Kami (my dad's youngest sister) and Uncle Roger were staying with us.  They were visiting from Colorado.  The reason they came out was for a Nebraska football game, which was at the same time as Alayna's party, thus they weren't here for the party.  We did however have a lovely time visiting with them for the weekend.

 We popped up to Oak Glen for a bit and in between ducking for cover from the thunderstorm, walked around, enjoyed a few treats, and went to the petting zoo.

 Alayna dancing with Grammy

This guy had a captive audience... we were all seeking cover from the rain, lol.

He sleeps

The word "nap" seems to no longer be in my children's vocabulary.  Seriously, since the day we got rid of binkies, neither of them has napped.  I have instituted "quit time" for 90 minutes to 2 hours every afternoon, and they are required to stay in their rooms and play quietly.  I keep hoping that one day they'll nap, but I'm beginning to think those days are over.  To be honest I miss the naps.  One positive side is that they are in bed and asleep between 7:00-7:30, and that means I get a nice quiet evening once again.  We haven't had early bedtimes like that since we just had one kid.  So I guess it's a trade off. 

Since I work from home, them not napping has been a challenge in that it's harder for me to find any time to work.  I'm re-arranging the way I do things and trying to come up with a new game plan now that we are in a new phase.  I'm having a daughter of a friend of mine come once a week for 3 hours to entertain the kids…

Alayna turns three

First of all, I don't know how my little girl is already three.  I've really enjoyed two... and am not ready for her to be three, but I guess the day has come. 

We celebrated her this weekend, with a pink party (her request).  We started off the day with her awaking to a decorated house and balloons filling her room.  She was so funny... she casually walked out with a small amused smile and didn't say anything, just stood there and looked around.

Love this picture of her hugging Matt... in all her bed head glory :)
 Her presents were all wrapped and ready for her, yet she didn't even ask to open them.  We ate breakfast and then she had fun opening them.  She would open one, then play for it a while before moving onto the next.  It was so cute and I love how she stretched it out.

My Aunt Kami and Uncle Roger were out visiting from Colorado for the weekend.  They weren't able to be at the actual party because they had tickets to the UCLA/Nebraska game, but they were…

This Week...

Big news around here....
For the first time since having children we are now a binky free home!
The "binky fairy" came two nights ago to take Alayna's binkies to a baby who needs them, and left her money in their place.  So far she's done great.  She fussed a little but went to sleep.  She hasn't napped, and I'm wondering if she'll stop now.  I figured since Ethan doesn't nap anymore it doesn't matter as much, because then we can put them both to bed early instead of having her wired until 9:00 pm.

No more pictures like this.....

I can't believe that she'll be three in less than a week.  I want to bottle her up right now and freeze time.   I'm not ready for her to be three.  She's so funny and sweet and still has a tiny bit of baby in her voice.

I took my camera outside for a few minutes while the kids were playing out front on Sunday evening.  I realized I have hardly any pictures of them from this past month.

Did you notice all t…