A visit from family

The same weekend we had Alayna's birthday party my Aunt Kami (my dad's youngest sister) and Uncle Roger were staying with us.  They were visiting from Colorado.  The reason they came out was for a Nebraska football game, which was at the same time as Alayna's party, thus they weren't here for the party.  We did however have a lovely time visiting with them for the weekend.

 We popped up to Oak Glen for a bit and in between ducking for cover from the thunderstorm, walked around, enjoyed a few treats, and went to the petting zoo.

 Alayna dancing with Grammy

This guy had a captive audience... we were all seeking cover from the rain, lol.


Christy said…
that's great that you could spend time with your family. I remember them form a long time ago. They are such a nice couple. :)

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