He sleeps

The word "nap" seems to no longer be in my children's vocabulary.  Seriously, since the day we got rid of binkies, neither of them has napped.  I have instituted "quit time" for 90 minutes to 2 hours every afternoon, and they are required to stay in their rooms and play quietly.  I keep hoping that one day they'll nap, but I'm beginning to think those days are over.  To be honest I miss the naps.  One positive side is that they are in bed and asleep between 7:00-7:30, and that means I get a nice quiet evening once again.  We haven't had early bedtimes like that since we just had one kid.  So I guess it's a trade off. 

Since I work from home, them not napping has been a challenge in that it's harder for me to find any time to work.  I'm re-arranging the way I do things and trying to come up with a new game plan now that we are in a new phase.  I'm having a daughter of a friend of mine come once a week for 3 hours to entertain the kids so that I can get some work done, and then trying to be SUPER productive during those 90 minutes of "quiet time".  It's soooooooooo hard to buckle down and be really productive during those 90 minutes when sometimes all I want to do is rest, or do something creative, or blog, or look on the Internet, etc, but I'm trying :)

Anyhow, I snapped these sweet pictures pretty much the last time Ethan napped, which was about a month and a half ago.  He looks so sweet :)


Stacy said…
Kids are always precious when sleepin ;-) If you ever need anothet sitter/entertainer...my daughter is 16 and loves to babysit :-)
Christy said…
Ha! Your a brave mama snapping photos while he sleeps. I'm always so afraid of waking them. LOL!

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