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-Our church is reading through the Bible in 90 days.  It's petty intense... there's around 12-16 chapters to read each day.  It takes me around 35-45 minutes.  I've been doing half in the morning and the other half in the evening.  It's been kind of cool to read through so many chapters at once (something I've never done before).  I feel so immersed in it.  An added benefit is the kids seeing me with my nose in the Bible for more than five minutes each morning (I was previously just reading two chapters each morning at breakfast time).  The other morning I was outside reading, when Ethan woke up he found me out there and decided to get his own Bible and join me :)

-Ethan's class has show and tell every Friday and they get to bring something that starts with the letter of the week. Last week was "C", so we brought in Cookie for him to show :)  He thought it was pretty fun to bring in his dog.

-I'm second shooting a wedding with another photographer this Saturday.  I'm actually really excited to be able to take a back seat and just second shoot, it will be fun :)  The best part is no editing!  I hand over my cards and I'll be finished after the wedding.

-Speaking of photography, I attended another meetup with that photography group I'm a part of.  The guy who hosted it had a taco truck and it was super yummy.  Matt came along with me since he's my second shooter for weddings :)  It was a lot of fun.  I always enjoy getting to talk to other photgraphers.

-This past weekend I had a photoshoot for an 11 month old at a nearby park (Wildwood Park in Yucaipa).  As we were walking to the car I almost stepped on this...

Yup, that's a rattlesnake.  It was a baby, and it was laying in the middle of the grass.  So freaky!  There were kids playing all around too.  I did not expect to come across a snake at the park.  That park is near the hills, so I guess that's why the snake was there.  I was just grateful that no one got hurt.  Some guys caught it in a bucket so that it wouldn't be at the park anymore.  Crazy!

Lastly, a few cute pictures of Alayna from two weeks ago.  She was accessorizing :)


Christy said…
Ack! I'm telling you the rattlesnakes up here are so bad! We have a mtn. lion roaming around now. Blah! I'm glad you did not get bit. THANK YOU GOD!

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