This Week...

Big news around here....
For the first time since having children we are now a binky free home!
The "binky fairy" came two nights ago to take Alayna's binkies to a baby who needs them, and left her money in their place.  So far she's done great.  She fussed a little but went to sleep.  She hasn't napped, and I'm wondering if she'll stop now.  I figured since Ethan doesn't nap anymore it doesn't matter as much, because then we can put them both to bed early instead of having her wired until 9:00 pm.

No more pictures like this.....

I can't believe that she'll be three in less than a week.  I want to bottle her up right now and freeze time.   I'm not ready for her to be three.  She's so funny and sweet and still has a tiny bit of baby in her voice.

I took my camera outside for a few minutes while the kids were playing out front on Sunday evening.  I realized I have hardly any pictures of them from this past month.

Did you notice all that lush green grass????  It's looking good!  Matt is still trying to get it weed free, but is pretty close.  He sure works hard on our lawn, for which I am very grateful!

His "camera" face...

My mom came over for dinner so I snapped a few pictures of her with the kids.  Matt BBQed up some delicious ribs.  I really love ribs.

 I made my famous watermelon margaritas, so refreshing and yummy.

On Memorial Day we enjoyed a nice lazy morning in our PJs.  We played with the kids and hung out. 

Then I made cookies and we headed over to Matt's parent's house to swim and BBQ.  It was a very relaxing afternoon. Our kids were in the pool from 1:30-5:00.  We got home around 7:00 and they were pooped!  They slept great that night :)

Ethan has had three days of school and still says he loves it :)  It's been great so far.  Today Alayna and I went to the gym and then went and got stuff for her birthday party.

Alright, I really need to get to work, so that's about all for right now.


Christy said…
Ha! Yay for a binki free life. I remember our first night without the beloved was NOT pretty. LOL!

I love lazy days like that. We are having one today. :)

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