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HalloWii 2012

It's been our small group tradition for the last several years, our annual "Hallo-Wii" dinner.  This year we brought the kids along.  They were excited to dress up in their Halloween costumes :)  They picked them otu themselves. 

Minnie Mouse and an Army Guy

Matt and I... we looked pretty special this year :)  Meet "Billy Bob Matt", some local Yucaipa trash :)

Pretty special huh?  hehe
Notice the preggo belly....
And the whole family :)
The Odenbaughs.  The tooth fairy with her crown, and then a martian and an alien.
The Oates as superheroes... with their guiding force, a priest and a nun :)
The Mercers as The Adams Family :)
David and Caitlyn came as each other.... pretty scary huh?  haha The Cuy's also came as the Adams Family... crazy huh? And this is just extra special... hehe Happy Halloween!

Ladybug Mom

I saw a quote on Facebook that I thought was funny: 
"October is to photographers as April is to accountants".

Funny and true :)  It's a busy month and photography is in full swing.  It's a good thing, and I'm happy for the business. This year I was prepared for it so I'm managing things a little better and not getting myself all stressed out.  I really do love this little business of mine :)   This weekend we have a wedding as well.  We also had our own family pictures taken last night :)

This week Matt and I came down with the cold Alayna has.  Poor Matt was only feeling good a few days before coming down with this.  Ethan is the only one who has stayed healthy.  I think he's bringing home his school germs and passing them to us, lol.  Thankfully we've tried to get a lot of rest and seem to be ushering our colds out to the curb, which is good because we need to feel good by this weekend!

 I don't have much free time right now, but I did bring o…

The Pumpkin Patch

Last week when we had a nice respite from the heat and it actually felt like fall, we went to the pumpkin patch :)  It was a fiedltrip with our TMOMS group at our favorite pumpkin patch, Greenspot Farms.  We got a little tour, got to pet the animals, go through a maze, pick a pumpkin, learn about bees and go for a tractor ride. 

Teresa and Lea with their little ones

Beekeeper Ethan
 yummy, fresh honey

My Birthday Weekend

This year my birthday was so much better than last year, mostly because no one got the flu :)  Last year we were all sick and icky.  This year Ethan and Matt were both on antibiotics (Ethan for an year infection, and Matt for bronchitis), and Alayna had a cold, and I had a mild cold... however I'd still take all that over the flu, lol. 

The day before my birthday I got to go out and spend the entire afternoon... alone :)  I told Matt that's what I wanted to do, go shopping for myself, by myself.  He very accommodatingly stayed home from work that day because he was sick, but still took the kids for me for the afternoon.  I enjoyed lunch at the Queen Bean cafe, then went shopping at Ross and then Sephora.  I manged to find quite a few fun items and had a very nice time :)

On Friday (my actual birthday) I had TMOMS in the morning.  Before rushing Ethan off to school and going to TMOMS I opened my cards and gifts at home :)  Matt got me a basket from the RCS Golf Tournament that …