HalloWii 2012

It's been our small group tradition for the last several years, our annual "Hallo-Wii" dinner.  This year we brought the kids along.  They were excited to dress up in their Halloween costumes :)  They picked them otu themselves. 

Minnie Mouse and an Army Guy

Matt and I... we looked pretty special this year :)  Meet "Billy Bob Matt", some local Yucaipa trash :)

Pretty special huh?  hehe

Notice the preggo belly....

And the whole family :)

The Odenbaughs.  The tooth fairy with her crown, and then a martian and an alien.

The Oates as superheroes... with their guiding force, a priest and a nun :)

The Mercers as The Adams Family :)

David and Caitlyn came as each other.... pretty scary huh?  haha
The Cuy's also came as the Adams Family... crazy huh?
And this is just extra special... hehe
Happy Halloween!


Kelly said…
These are awesome pics!! What fun tradition. :)
Christy said…
The last photos gonna leave a scar. ha!

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