Ladybug Mom

I saw a quote on Facebook that I thought was funny:   
"October is to photographers as April is to accountants".

Funny and true :)  It's a busy month and photography is in full swing.  It's a good thing, and I'm happy for the business. This year I was prepared for it so I'm managing things a little better and not getting myself all stressed out.  I really do love this little business of mine :)   This weekend we have a wedding as well.  We also had our own family pictures taken last night :)

This week Matt and I came down with the cold Alayna has.  Poor Matt was only feeling good a few days before coming down with this.  Ethan is the only one who has stayed healthy.  I think he's bringing home his school germs and passing them to us, lol.  Thankfully we've tried to get a lot of rest and seem to be ushering our colds out to the curb, which is good because we need to feel good by this weekend!

 I don't have much free time right now, but I did bring out my camera for a while this past weekend and we snapped a few cute pictures.

I'm going to embarrass myself right now by posting this series of pictures, but seriously wouldn't you love to have a picture of your mom like this from when you were a kid:

Yup, I donned some ladybug wings and we ran around the yard pretending to be laydbugs :)  My girl will pretend all day long, she loves it.  Nothing makes her happier than if you pretend with her.  She also LOVES doing puzzles right now.  She's really good at them.  She can do them pretty quickly. 

These are just some fun pictures snapped while we were relaxing in the yard on Sunday evening.

Me and my buddy boy.  This was actually after a rough afternoon... we went to a birthday party and Ethan hit some little boy in the neck in the bounce house.  It resulted in the little boy crying and having to leave the party, and us not letting Ethan participate in anything else and also leaving the party.  Which then resulted in Ethan acting SUPER aggressive and angry.  Not very fun.  So it was nice to enjoy a few happy moments in the evening.

Matt took this of me and liked it, so I'm posting itfor him ;) 

And Ethan took this picture of Matt and I :)  I've trained the whole family with my camera!  lol.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Right now the weekend is busy work time for me :)


Christy said…
Cute photos by a fun playful mama! So sweet. I had Dan laughing so hard about Ethan at the birthday party. Only because we had little ones once; in fact you should ask Morgan about the time we were basically asked to leave her ballet class when she was 2. LOL! Who gets kicked out of ballet at 2!! My child who decided to basically pole dace and freak in the mirror that's who. Oh and no I have no idea where she learned that. ;)
Hey! I nominated you for a blog award over on my blog:

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