Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in Big Bear

We did something a little different for Thanksgiving this year.  We rented a cabin in Big Bear with the Flores' for two nights for Thanksgiving.  After a very crazy and hectic month for all of us, we were very excited to get away for two nights.  We mostly ate and relaxed :)  The cabin had a hot tub so we definitely took advantage of that as well.  It was so relaxing.

The kids had a blast running around the huge yard and exploring and playing with sticks :)

 I LOVE this picture of these two :)  Best buds since birth!

My boy would not put down his sticks and take a picture with me, but my sweet girl did :)

Danny and Jolene

She's beautiful, both on the inside and out :)

When we hang out with the Flores' we always have fun.  We played games and had a couple of dance parties.  All of our dinners include me and Danny dancing at least a few times, lol.  You have to take time out to dance!

 Even though the temps up there weren't really that cold, we kept a fire going most of the time, because we loved the feel :)

The cabin had a HUGE box filled with Tinker Toys and Legos that kept the kids busy an content for a while.

We were right across the street from a little zoo/nature preserve and they had several wolves.  It was quite eerie and cool to hear them howl.  We took a little walk around the block before we stuffed ourselves with Thanksgiving meal.  The kids found a dirty and tiny patch of ice/snow that they played with for a bit.

Matt smoked the turkey ahead of time, so that make cooking Thanksgiving meal up there easier.  Jolene and I had fun in the kitchen together.  She made us these adorable aprons :)

 A friend in the kitchen is fun :)

My mom and my brother came up for the day and joined us, it was nice to have them.  We of course missed Matt's parents who are still at UCLA for Sid's stem cell transplant.
 The kids table... don't mind Ethan's face, haha

On Black Friday we stayed clear of all stores and instead enjoyed a little stroll around Big Bear Lake.  It was food for our souls.

The three boys holding hands and walking (which they did on their own).   So sweet. Can I just bottle up their sweet little boy innocence and keep it forever?

 Ethan and Christian sitting on a bench.  Looks like they are having an important conversation. 

And the little ones holding hands and walking.  So sweet :)

The one and only picture I got of my whole family during the weekend.

 The Flores family

My brown eyed girl :)

I love that the boys can go from jumping on tree stumps....

To giving each other sugar :)  I want them to stay young and innocent forever :)

After we headed back down the mountain we hung out at our house a little while longer because we weren't ready for our little vacation to end.  What a great way to spend Thanksgiving.  Friends and family are such a blessing.  We're already scheming up our next trip :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ethan turns FIVE

I can't believe I have a five year old.  Ethan woke up on his birthday to one very BIG surprise.  After opening a few gifts inside we led him outside with his eyes closed to find this....

A 12 foot trampoline :)  I've been wanting to get one for the kids, and I found a great deal on this at the perfect time.  To say he was thrilled would be a huge understatement.  He literally played on it ALL DAY LONG.  I don't know how he had the energy!  Both of the kids are loving it and I am glad we got them one.

Ethan's birthday was on a Thursday and he didn't have school, so I let him choose where he would like to go to lunch.  His choice: Chick fil et.  I guess I should be glad he's a cheap date :)

I wasn't going to throw Ethan a birthday party, we were going to take a year off, but the kid starting talking about how badly he wanted a birthday party about 4 months ago, so being the sucker that I am I put together a little something for him.  There was no theme, and it was nothing fancy, but to my little guy it was awesome.

Here he is on the morning of his party.  He sports some awesome bed head :)

Ethan and his buddy Wesley

Jolene made him this awesome Lego cake in the colors he requested, purple and blue :)