Ethan turns FIVE

I can't believe I have a five year old.  Ethan woke up on his birthday to one very BIG surprise.  After opening a few gifts inside we led him outside with his eyes closed to find this....

A 12 foot trampoline :)  I've been wanting to get one for the kids, and I found a great deal on this at the perfect time.  To say he was thrilled would be a huge understatement.  He literally played on it ALL DAY LONG.  I don't know how he had the energy!  Both of the kids are loving it and I am glad we got them one.

Ethan's birthday was on a Thursday and he didn't have school, so I let him choose where he would like to go to lunch.  His choice: Chick fil et.  I guess I should be glad he's a cheap date :)

I wasn't going to throw Ethan a birthday party, we were going to take a year off, but the kid starting talking about how badly he wanted a birthday party about 4 months ago, so being the sucker that I am I put together a little something for him.  There was no theme, and it was nothing fancy, but to my little guy it was awesome.

Here he is on the morning of his party.  He sports some awesome bed head :)

Ethan and his buddy Wesley

Jolene made him this awesome Lego cake in the colors he requested, purple and blue :)


Christy said…
aahhh so fun. Ya every year I say I'm gonna take a break from doing a party....I offer them the moon and they still would rather have that special party. Ha! I guess we all love to feel loved on our special day. Morgan said she's wiped out after babysitting because they all jump so much. Ha!!
~CCC said…
WOW!!! Amazing trampoline! Can we come over??

That's got to be the best birthday gift ever for any age! Ethan is precious! getting so so big! Five is tough- it seems like they grow soooo much between 5 and 6.

anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ethan!!!

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