Halloween was on a Wedensday this year.  Ethan had school and I took Alayna trick or treating with the "Papa's and Grandmas" :)  Our mom's group takes the kids to a local retirement village every year and the kids get to walk around the table and trick or treat.  It's so cute.

A few years back we started enjoying Halloween with the Oates.  It seems to have become a fun little tradition.  This year Faithy made us the cutest little feast complete with a pumpkin barfing guacamole, hehe.  We enjoyed some yummy food and then hit the streets for about an hour of trick or treating.  It was a great evening, and nice not to have to deal with the crowds of a carnival.

An attempt at a family pose

 matt and James

The gang trick or treating :)


~CCC said…
omg! that pumpkin with the guac is too funny!!! I gotta pin that one for next year!

great costumes too! they're so cute!

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