Live Oak Pumpkin Patch

Last week when we had a few days of cooler weather I took the kids to the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch.  They've been begging to go here ALL YEAR because we pass it everytime we get off the freeway.  Ethan was dissapointed that most of the bounce houses and rides were closed because it was a weekday (however I was not, those are so expensive).  We did go through the corn maze and the petting zoo.  It was a fun little morning :)  I love autumn activities.

I let them each pick out a small pumpkin to buy

Seeing just their faces below makes me realize how much they look alike :)

Corn maze... it's a huge one, it kept us occupied for quite a while

Ethan snapped this picture of me :)


Annette said…
Awww-- How fun! Birthday hugs to Ethan from all of us xoxoxoxo!

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