Matt's Birthday

Oh my, I am SO behind on blogging, especially since I have birthdays to blog.  Life has been a tad crazy right now, I am just trying to keep up with my work and in turn most of the other fun stuff has to take a back seat.  Yesterday I took 30 minutes to do something a little crafty and it felt so good, made me realize how much I miss the fun stuff!  Despite behind behind on many things, I am actually almost completely finished with my Christmas shopping!  Woo hoo.  Lately when I've been out running errands if I see something I just buy it.  I haven't wanted to wait to actually go out and Christmas shop, because I just don't have much free time this time of year.  I have to say I'm pretty excited to be nearly finished before Thanksgiving because it takes the pressure off me and will allow me more time to enjoy the fun stuff :)

Starting off on my attempt to catch up is Matt's birthday, which was nearly a month ago, yikes.  We had a fun weekend.  I surprised him and got him a Nexus 7 tablet, which he LOVES.  He would never buy something like that for himself, but had been wanting one.  I was stoked to actually get him a gift that was a total surprise that he loves, that never happens. 

To celebrate Matt's birthday we had a family sleepover with the Flores'.  It was so much fun.  We had yummy food, and lots of fun.  The kids actually did awesome as well.  This was the first time the big boys got to sleep in the same room, and thankfully they did really well.... although they were up at 6:00 am pretending to be dogs and howling, lol.  I actually didn't take that many pictures, but I have a few from dinner :)

 You can't tell from the picture how awesome Danny's shirt is... it's a pumpkin that had flashing lights, it was crazy.

The big boys... best buds :)

The next morning we made some yummy pumpkin waffles then headed up to Oak glen for a hike and then lunch at the park.  It was a beautiful day and was enjoyed by all.  We are so blessed to have friends that we can enjoy so much :)


Christy said…
Happy bday Matt! You rock!

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