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Our Christmas This Year

Christmas this year was quite mellow for us.  All four of us were sick, which meant we stayed at home.  It ended up being very relaxing and enjoyable despite not feeling well.  To be honest, I realized that without all the business and rushing about, I had a heart that was filled with gratitude and reflection over the fact that God sent his son to earth for us.... and for that I am grateful.  Taking away the busyness helped infuse so much more meaning this year.

We started Christmas Eve morning with a little gingerbread house making.... each kid got to decorate one side of the house.  They made quite a lovely creation :)  Don't mind the jammies and bed head... we might have looked like this for about three days in a row due to being sick :)

For the first time since having kids we actually made it to Christmas Eve service.  It was such a cool service and very different from years past.  The drama team reenacted highlights of the story and ended at the start of Luke.  Such a cool pe…

Church Christmas Program and some good news

Both the kids were in the church Christmas program this year.  It was soooooooo cute.  Little ones are my absolute favorite to watch. You never know what you'll get.... like when Alayna fell off the risers :)  She was just fine and very quickly hopped back up and resumed her position. 

Alayna was very excited to wear her new Christmas dress.  Ethan on the other hand was not excited to wear a tie and button down shirt :)

For some reason Alayna wanted to be off on the side.  Perhaps she needed room to twirl? :)

A few pictures in front of the Christmas tree after the program....
 Ethan looks very excited doesn't he? 
The kids both came down with some nasty virus on Wednesday.  Glad we got our programs out of the way before they got sick.  Ethan only went to school one day this week.  The huge bummer part is that because they are sick now we won't be able to spend Christmas day with Matt's parents since Sid cannot be exposed to any germs.

By the way, for those of you who…

Rainboots and Jammies

My mom bought the kids some rainboots a few weeks back.  The other week when it was raining the kids were pretty excited to try them out.  They rushed outside in their jammies to try to find some puddles.   Please excuse all the bed head :)

I can't help it but photograph roses with raindrops on them.... soooo pretty.  I guess that's why they ended up in a song... "raindrops on roses"....  haha.


On Sunday evening we went for a hike in the Crafton Hills.  Matt and I used to hike in these hills all the time before having kids.  We were excited to finally hike there again.  It's a steeper hike,  but the view of Yucaipa is amazing.  The kids did way better than we expected and we were able to make it a mile into the hike,  which is great considering how steep it is. I love hiking, I'm so glad we can to it together as a family :)  Such a great Sunday activity.