Church Christmas Program and some good news

Both the kids were in the church Christmas program this year.  It was soooooooo cute.  Little ones are my absolute favorite to watch. You never know what you'll get.... like when Alayna fell off the risers :)  She was just fine and very quickly hopped back up and resumed her position. 

Alayna was very excited to wear her new Christmas dress.  Ethan on the other hand was not excited to wear a tie and button down shirt :)

For some reason Alayna wanted to be off on the side.  Perhaps she needed room to twirl? :)

A few pictures in front of the Christmas tree after the program....

 Ethan looks very excited doesn't he? 

The kids both came down with some nasty virus on Wednesday.  Glad we got our programs out of the way before they got sick.  Ethan only went to school one day this week.  The huge bummer part is that because they are sick now we won't be able to spend Christmas day with Matt's parents since Sid cannot be exposed to any germs.

By the way, for those of you who didn't know Sid is home now and officially in remission!!!  This is HUGE good news and such an answer to prayer.  The cancer is not gone, but the numbers have dropped and things are looking very positive right now.  When he first received his diagnosis we did not think he had much time, so the fact that he's here today and things are looking positive is just such an answer to prayer.  So, while we are bummed that we won't get to be with them on Tuesday, we are oh so grateful that he is home and healthy right now.


krista said…
They look so cute dressed up! Awesome news about Sid!! Praying that he remains sickness free right now as his body rebuilds and he gains strength back!
BC said…
That is such an answer to prayer and we are so happy for your family! Blessings to all of you on Christmas!!
Teresa DiMillo said…
Such great news about Sid! I have kept him and your family in prayer. I LOVE Alayna's dress and that she is off to the side on her own, that is true "diva fashion." She needs room to dance!

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