Oh how I love the smell of fresh lavendar.  I love this bush in my backyard.

I realized something the other day as I sat down and flipped through a couple of my little Instagram books.... they make me so very happy because they are true little snippets of life.  They are happy moments.  Real moments.  Moments that bring back a memory.  I love them.  Here here a few favorites from the past month or so.
Visiting dad at work after we had a tour of the cookie factory that is down the street from where he works.
waiting for clients at a shoot in Oak Glen
Visiting Grandma when they were at UCLA.  We took her to lunch in Santa Monica.
Rain boots in the sun :)
Lunch in Santa Monica.
Ethan brought my mom as his show and tell when the letter was "G"
The fall color on the trees in my front yard
Fun at the park in Oak Glen
The chalkboard in my kitchen.  I loved this quote.  I used my new chalk paint.
A Sunday afternoon hike.
Got to go spend the day at Glen Ivy with Faith for her birthday.  So much fuN!
The tour of the cookie factory, their favorite part was the samples we received at the end :)
Playing on the beach in Santa Monica
Sunday afternoon hike with my family
Sand angels!
All ready to go :)
Making their cousin Jeffrey smile :)
A visit to the Christmas tree farm with friends
Costco is so much fun near Christmas.... all those toys to look at :)
Dinnertime one night
My mom got me my favorite Christmas treat.  These also used to be my dad's favorites.  I think of him whenever I eat one.
The heavens declare His glory!  Oh how I love wintertime skies :)
Thanks to Kelly for sharing a couple of princess dresses with us :)  Alayna has been loving them!
Ethan was at school so I took her to the park for a bit one day :) 
Scootering together.  Picture taken by Alayna.  He loves when I ride with him :)


Kelly said…
*Can't share that mint truffle enjoyment...but glad you like them! ha!!
*We'll have to expand Alyana's princess dress horizon. I'll bring a couple more Friday.
*Is it me or are riding those scooters a major workout for your butt??? :)

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