Our Christmas This Year

Christmas this year was quite mellow for us.  All four of us were sick, which meant we stayed at home.  It ended up being very relaxing and enjoyable despite not feeling well.  To be honest, I realized that without all the business and rushing about, I had a heart that was filled with gratitude and reflection over the fact that God sent his son to earth for us.... and for that I am grateful.  Taking away the busyness helped infuse so much more meaning this year.

We started Christmas Eve morning with a little gingerbread house making.... each kid got to decorate one side of the house.  They made quite a lovely creation :)  Don't mind the jammies and bed head... we might have looked like this for about three days in a row due to being sick :)

For the first time since having kids we actually made it to Christmas Eve service.  It was such a cool service and very different from years past.  The drama team reenacted highlights of the story and ended at the start of Luke.  Such a cool perspective.... thinking about all that led up to Christ's birth.  Then they ended with just one song, Oh Holy Night... my absolute favorite Christmas song... packed so full of meaning.

All dressed up and on our way to church

We picked up Chinese Food on the way home (definitely a first for Christmas Eve), then sang Happy Birthday to Jesus with our kids and ate the cupcakes we had made for His birthday party.  They really got it this year, and were oh so excited to do that.  It was cool.

We let them open one gift, which almost didn't happen after a certain little boy snuck three presents into his room that morning and opened them, but a little grace was given and he got to open another one in spite.  They were quite thrilled to receive Dream Lights... something they'd been asking for since this summer.

Christmas morning we waited until 9:20 for Alayna to wake up (due to being up in her bed until nearly 10:30 from excitement and eating a cupcake at bedtime), and then eagerly dove into our presents.  It was so much fun just being at home together and having the kids really enjoy opening each gift and playing with it.  My mom and my brother came around 11:00 and we continued with the gifts. We enjoyed a yummy Christmas dinner (it was my first time ever making it), and ended the day watching A Christmas Story (which we hadn't seen in years).

Oh how I LOVE this candid picture of Ethan playing with his remote control truck.  He was so excited to receive this gift.

Not sure why, but he has a recent fascination with Spiderman.  I don't blame him I guess, to be honest Spiderman is my favorite superhero too ;)

Another fun gift, an Erector set... hours of fun :)

Watching Alayna ride her new big girl bike from uncle Jerrod for the first time was probably one of my favorite parts of the day.  She was seriously precious.

The only picture of all four of us from the entire holiday, and it's not a great one :)

It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.  I must say, Christmas through my kids eyes is so very fun.  It's such a fun holiday with little ones. Christmas through a grateful and awe-struck heart is even more amazing.  The two combined are just perfect, and that is what this year was.  Despite the illness and being at home more than we had planned on, it was a wonderfully blessed holiday.  The time at home was so good for us after a VERY busy few months leading up to December.  My heart is full.


Charlee said…
All boys have a hero they love and our boys happen to love Spiderman. Breven at almost 8 still loves Spiderman.
~CCC said…
Looks like fun!!! THat gingerbread house is awesome too! Good JOb!!!

Love the recap... i need to do mine too- though i don't feel up to it. BUt looking at other's perks me up!

Sometimes sickness is the best way to slow us down. we were all sick too!

Hope you have a wonderful NEw Year and I hope you all are feeling much better!!
Christy said…
Glad your family time was so sweet. :)
Kelly said…
Sounds like such a relaxing time. :) Ethan cracks me up in sneaking those gifts. What a funny memory you'll be able to remind him of later in life! Ummm...you made the entire Christmas meal and didn't post what you made??? For shame.

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