Thursday, March 29, 2012


*I love when I try new recipes and they are a major hit.  Last night I made two new recipes that are both definitely keepers.  The first was Sweet and spicy citrus tilapia (click here if you want the recipe).   It was so very easy to make and the fish was flavorful and tender.  I will definitely make that again.  The second hit of the night was the dessert: Browned butter snickerdoodle blondies with butterscotch sauce (here's the recipe).  They were amazing.  Matt says they "rocked his taste buds", hehe.  The problem is that I still have quite a bit left, and soon they will rock my hips, lol.

*Saw The Hunger Games the other night with some friends.  I loved it.  It was very true to the book and I thought they did an excellent job with the movie.  The only thing was it was so intense (as is the book), and afterwards I was WOUND UP.  I could not fall asleep.  Before the movie we had dinner at Las Fuentes, which was great.  It's always fun to get to have some time out with friends :)

And now, a few random happy things from around my house:

1. This pretty little glass from Anthropologie.  As soon as I get some flowers blooming I will fill it with them.  I love the color and design on the glass.

2. Flowers from the 99 cent store in milk glass.  Something I do a lot, and find very cheery :)

3. A favorite after lunch treat of mine, dark chocolate honeycomb that I buy at the fruit stand here in town.  It's so yummy.

4. My roses are just starting to bloom.... mmmmm

5. No picture, but oh how I adore the smell of orange blossoms.  They are so yummy.

6.  Ranunculus... aren't they so pretty?

7. A spring bunting banner made from vintage fabric (and a few scraps) that I had lying around.

Lastly, a self portrait I took last week.  Something someone in my Inland Empire Photography group challenged us to do.  Self portraits are not easy to take.  Oh, and I look really blonde here... but have not colored my hair.  It must be the light.

Alright, it's nearly 3:00 and I've yet to shower today.... I'm still in my gym clothes. 
Time to get cleaned up!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snow Again

Last Sunday it snowed again.  It was fun because we woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground, so we threw on some jackets and shoes and the kids went out and played in it in their jammies.

 Since our kids don't have boots, Matt had the great idea to put bags over their shoes to keep them dry.  It worked great!

We got the kids ready for church and they were quite upset to have to leave the snow. It snowed off and on the rest of the day.  It would all melt, then it would snow again and some would stick.  It was fun being nice and cozy inside while we watched the huge fluffy flakes fall.  The boys watched the race while I caught up on blogs and Pinterest :)  I also made some yummy split pea soup.

 I tried to get a picture of how huge the snowflakes were, but it's hard to tell.

Always fun to have a weekend snow day :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!

My mom had a birthday a couple weeks back, so last weekend we had her over for a little birthday dinner.  We grilled up some yummy steaks (in the freezing cold... it started snowing that night), made Pinoeer Woman's potatos au gratin, and had roasted asparagus.  It was delicious!  The pictures are not great because the white balance was TOTALLY off and some of them were overexposed, but oh well.

My bro and my Mama

My mama and her two kiddos

My mama and ALL of her kiddos :)

Happy birthday Mom!  We are blessed to have you live close to us!  Our kids adore you and love being able to see you every week :)  I love you!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camping Cousins

The other week we were over at Matt's parent's house for dinner.  The cousins were all outside happily playing.  They called me out to take a picture of what they had built...

Their own campfire :)
I thought it was pretty cute.
It's so nice that the five of them can play together and enjoy one another (most of the time).  All the little blond Dutch kids.

Papa watching Alayna tromp through his garden area....

While I was out there I had to snap a few pictures of some of the various spring blooms and foliage.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Day in the Life

I haven't done a post like this in over a year, and it's been on my "want to do list", so today is the day (here is last year's post).  This post is a lot like last year's post, but oh geez do my kids look older.  It makes me a little sad.

 In reality today is not quite as typical as most days, since it's the day after daylight savings and we're kind of off on our time, and I'm still trying to recover from bronchitis. However, it's pretty ordinary in that we didn't do anything spectacular.  So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or something, because it's a long post ;)  I documented our day from beginning to end.

An Ordinary Day in our Lives, Monday March  12, 2012

7:00 am- Matt gets up to get ready for work.  I decide since it feels like 6:00 (dang time change) and I still don't feel well, I'm not getting up.  I roll over and go back to sleep.
8:05 am- Ethan wakes up, wanders into my room, and gets into bed with me to snuggle. I decide I should shower really quickly before Alayna gets up as well.
8:17am- Out of the shower and I hear Alayna awake in her room.  I throw on my robe and go to get her up. I get her dressed and while she's on the changing table my mom calls.  She calls every morning to say hi and talk to us while she's on her way to work.  Both the kids always need to talk to her as well.

8:25am- I feed the kids breakfast and try to make myself something.  Ethan keeps melting down for various reasons.  He fell, I'm not sitting next to him (because I'm trying to get my food together), he spilled a drop of milk, etc.
8:35- Once I sit down with my breakfast he finally gets it together and eats his own as well. I'm eating a typical breakfast, a whole wheat english muffin with an egg and some cheese in the middle, orange juice and of course... coffee!!!  After I eat I take my handful of vitamins.

8:57am- Breakfast is cleaned up, kids are playing, time to finally get dressed (I'm still in my robe).  Typically we're at the gym by 9:00, but I'm not up to working out yet.  I walk into my bathroom and glance into my closet and spot the mountain of laundry that needs to be done.  I quickly get it going and go back to my bathroom to get dressed and put some makeup on.
9:15am- Ah, that's better.  I'm dressed, and have some makeup on and my hair looking better.  While I don't look my best, it's an improvement from my grungy "sickly" sweats I've sported the past week while I've been feeling icky. I go to check on the kids.
9:17am- They are jumping on the couch and Alayna is naked. What the heck... seriously???  Apparently she took off her clothes to "go swimming".  They were pretending to swim.  I guess there is logic to that since we don't swim with clothes on, but seriously, I just got the girl dressed.  She takes off running around the house naked as I snap a picture.  At this point what can I do but laugh??

9:20- I sit down at my computer to answer a couple of e-mails and make a promo flier for spring mini sessions.  I hear some mischief in the next room and find Alayna (still naked) on a stool in Ethan's closet trying to get a toy that I keep put up.  Lovely.  She gets in trouble, I make her get dressed and then go back to my computer.
9:31- I sit back down to try to get my flier made.  I get interrupted and have to break up several fights.
10:24 It takes me nearly an hour to get this finished and posted and blogged, and I could have done it in about 20.  I'm super irritated and frustrated, the kids are running WILD around the house.  I quickly have a snack (greek yogurt), and decide to get us out of the house.
10:45- I make the kids clean up their mess, which of course takes a while.  Another fight ensues, time outs happen.  We get shoes on, bag packed, and take off to run an errand and go to the park.  Normally I make the kids lunch and take it with us, but my energy is close to zero and I decide fast food is in order today.
10:55- I quickly change the laundry before we leave. There is more than normal because I haven't done it all week since I've been so sick.

11:01- We finally leave, much later than I had hoped for, but oh well.  We are still operating an hour behind. We drive to Redlands.
11:22- First stop, JC Penny.  I need some makeup from Sephora (eyeshadow primer).  Do you use eye shadow primer?  If not, seriously... it is life changing.  Slap some of this stuff on before you apply your eyeshadow, and it will still look good by the end of the night.  No creases, no rubbing off, still looks like how you applied it.  It's life changing.  Seriously.

11:25- The kids do pretty well and we are in and out of there quickly.  Ethan has to keep his hands in his pocket so that he doesn't pick up all the makeup :)

11:41- Back in the car.  Next stop, Chick Fil Et drive through to pick up lunch.  This is actually a rare treat for the kids, as I try to not spend much money on eating out during the day.  I pick up lunch and we head to the park.
12:04- Time for lunch at the park.  Hopefully my kids can get their excess energy out.  I brought their scooters along.  They run around like nuts.  I chase after Alayna who constantly disappears and wanders out of my sight.

12:49- Back in the car.  Normally I'd let them play longer but I'm starting to feel weak and realize maybe I'm not quite as well as I was thinking.  I lure them back to the car with the promise of ice cream (also a treat, not an everyday thing).  On our way to McDonalds we drive by the very first apartment that Matt and I shared together when we were newlyweds.  Ethan wanted to know why we didn't live there anymore, lol.  I told him the house he has now is MUCH nicer than the apartment was.
12:56- McDonalds drive through.  Wow, two drive thrus in one day, I'm super mom today, lol.  .79 soft serve cones for the three of us, yum.  We drive home happily eating our treats.

1:27- Back home, kids down for naps, laundry changed, mommy lets out a big tired sigh.  Laundry isn't getting folded right now, instead it gets piled on the bed.  I can't wait to be well again.  I normally have much more energy than I do today.  I glance at my computer at a newborn session that needs to be edited.  I decide the wiser thing today is to rest.  I really want to get better.
1:35- I remember to take my antibiotics (thank you Z-pack... you work so quickly).  I then plop on the couch and turn on my DVR and watch the latest episode of "The Firm".  House is quiet, ahhhhh.  I close my eyes and rest.

3:45- Kids are awake.  Wait, you mean I got two whole hours of quiet time in the middle of the day???  This actually is not the norm.  The kids seem to take turns napping, or I'm working if they both nap.  Rare is the time I'm actually resting while they nap.  It was just what I needed.
3:46- I get Alayna up.  She pooped in her diaper after she woke up.  Yes, she potty trained, then a week into it all with lots of success decided to not poop on the potty anymore.  She absolutely refuses.  It's really a lot of fun.  She never pees in her pants, but #2.... it's been a week of battles with #2 battles.  I don't know why she started off great and then regressed, but I'm not happy about it  ***SIGH***  
3:50- Normally I would take them outside to play right now, but since mommy is not 100% they get to watch cartoons.  They are quite happy about that :)  I catch up on a few games of "Hanging with friends" and then read a few blogs while I snuggle with them.  Honestly, it feels pretty good.

4:30- I turn off the TV and drag them into the kitchen so I can start dinner.  I let them color while I start prepping.  On the menu tonight is a recipe I found last night while perusing my blog reader.  Chicken with mustard cream sauce.  Thank you Pioneer Woman.
4:50- Matt arrives home with a couple of ingredients I needed.  We are all happy to see him.

4:58- Ethan is upset and crying once again (do you see a pattern in my days, lol).  He's upset that the lights came off of his police car. Matt super glues the siren back onto to Ethan's police car.  Ethan is placated.
5:05- Matt takes the kids outside while I finish getting dinner ready.  I tell him to take the camera out and snap a few pictures for me while I cook.

5:40- Dinner is served!  Matt and I love the recipe and I will definitely make it again.  Alayna eats all her dinner.  Ethan on the other hand plays with his food, makes a mess, and then complains the rest of dinner time.
6:10- Ethan is now screaming because we all get up and he has to eat just ONE bight of each thing on his plate.  He has spent a good 20 minutes crying about it.  I start cleaning up while he screams.  Since daylight savings time has happened the kids get to play outside after dinner.  I take Alayna out while Matt deals with Ethan.

6:20- I am now out front with Alayna.  She asks to go on a walk down the street so I take her.
6:30- Matt and Ethan come out, Ethan has finally choked down a few bites of food.  We sure are mean parents aren't we?  Seriously, from the sounds of it, you'd think we were torturing him.  He's really not a big dinner eater and instead would rather eat ALL of his daily calories between the hours of 7:00 and 1:00.
6:35- Since it's still light out we play out front after dinner.  I drink some wine.  Matt enjoys a beer. Ethan zips around on his scooter.  We take a walk down the street.  Since I have my camera and the light is just perfect we take a few pictures in front of an empty lot.  Oh, and I'm giving a thumbs down to the ivy in front of me.  Ivy is from the devil, don't ever plant it, unless you want it to take over your whole yard and exist until you are no longer around.

7:01- Back inside.  I get the bath water ready and drag the kids inside.  In the bath they go.
7:10- Ethan has two injuries from yesterday that we try to keep dry so he doesn't loose it again.  I wash him up and quickly get him out while Alayna plays some more.

7:30- I think I'm done taking pictures.  Time to upload and blog them all.  No, our day does not technically end here, but my picture taking does.  I'm tired.  The kids will go to bed at 8:00.  We'll read them a few stories, brush teeth, then lights out.  Matt and I will collapse on the couch until we go to bed.... around 10:00-11:00.  Tonight is the Bachelor finale.  I'll make Matt stay up and watch it with me, hehe.

And there you have it... a day in the life of us.  An ordinary, un-exciting, blessed day :)  While this is a lot of work, it is oh so fun to look back on :)  Precious memories I tell you.