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The Last of our Christmas

Since we had to post pone Christmas with Matt's family, we did it a few day late.  Unfortunately Sid is still in the hospital and could not join us, and we missed him.  Prayers for him are very much appreciated!  He is still fighting that pneumonia something fierce.  We still got together with Matt's mom and his brother Mike and family to celebrate since we had everything ready.  The kids of course had fun running around outside and playing and exchanging gifts.

So happy that these kids can have cousins close by who are close in age :)  They love each other!

It was Heather's 40th birthday the day we celebrated, so we got to celebrate her as well :)  

And last but not least, celebrating with the HekFlo crew on Friday night, who come mid summer of 2014 will become a party of TEN!!!!  So excited that the Flores' are going to welcome baby number three next year as well :)

And that wraps up Christmas!  Thankfully I got my decorations down and my house finally cleaned and p…

Christmas Day

With our Christmas taking an unexpected turn we made the best and had a great day. 

We had one VERY big surprise for the kids that we've been planning for months.... a playhouse :)  Matt designed it himself but only started building it the day before Christmas Eve.   He told the kids he was building a shed, and Ethan was very eager to help him.  On Christmas morning we took them outside and told them what it really is, and they were beyond excited.  It still needs to be finished, and hopefully that will happen within the next week or two :)  It's going to be very cool!!!

We then went inside and opened stockings in the morning and played with all of our fun new toys.  I also made homemade cinnamon rolls.... yum.

We had planned on being at Matt's parent's house all day, so I didn't have anything prepared to cook.  I did however happen to have a gorgeous rib roast in my fridge that I had planned on making this upcoming weekend, and a yummy sweet potato dish that I was…

Christmas Eve

We had a great holiday, but I will admit I woke up today on Boxing Day and breathed a sigh of relief, nothing to bake or wrap or do, I can just "be" :)

The weekend before Christmas we went up to Ripon for Matt's mom's family annual Van Laar Christmas get together.  It was nice to see everyone, but a tiring weekend, especially being just before CHristmas.  The kids had fun and of course loved staying in a hotel. I brought my camera but I was lame and only took two pictures.  There were over 90 people there, crazy huh?  It's a huge family :)  These are all just siblings of Matt's mom (there were six kids, four still alive), and then their descendents. This family knows how to propagate ;)

The grown guys in our family (including Josh who is marrying my niece Amanda in June).

They had a pinata for the kids, which of course was a hit.

Okay, now back to Christmas Eve.  I still had presents to wrap and things to cook and bake, and I manged to get it finished.  The …