Christmas with Matt's family

Here it is the new year and I'm still posting about Christmas, but that's because the other part of our Christmas didn't happen until the day of New Year's Eve.  We were finally healthy enough to go over to Sid and Marlene's and enjoy Christmas together.  We went over in the morning and had breakfast and stayed until 2:00.  We opened gifts, hung out and just enjoyed being together.  It was very nice and the kids had a nice time together, which is always nice.  It was special to be able to do that because back in the spring, we weren't sure that Sid would be here for Christmas.  When you go through a year like that, it definitely makes you appreciate each moment you get to spend together.

And now a picture deluge.....

We finally got a picture of all the local grandkids with Papa and Grandma.  It's been a while since we've been together due to someone or another being sick.

 Alayna was so excited to hold her baby cousin Jeffrey (who is 8 months old)

Alayna and papa.

 Matt and his mom
  Alayna and Stephen are only 6 months apart.
 Jenelle and Ethan


Crystal Keilers said…
So sweet, made me a little teary.

Now I must know, did the boys get matching jackets as Christmas presents? Surely that's not a total coincidence ;).
Jessica said…
They received the matching jackets from Matt's parents as Christmas gifts :)

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