January so far

This month has brought a break from the business of the fall and the fun rush of the holidays.  We've just been going at life, and it's been nice.  I wish I could say I had accomplished all kinds of cool things, but really I haven't.  The one thing that I've spent the past week working on in my free time is finally making a baby album for Alayna.  She's super excited and can't wait for me to finish.  

We had all of Matt's family here this past weekend.  The whole gang, all 19 of us were together for the first time in two years.  It was nice.  We had family photos taken, and I also took a few, which I'll share later.

I have a few business things I need to work on while I have time (the behind the scenes time sucker stuff) :)  I'm learning how to design albums, and trying to design a brochure (design work is not on the top of my love to do list).

I've done a lot of cooking and entertaining, but I think that's pretty much the norm for us :)  We were commenting the other week on how we love our house and we love to fill it with happy people. Such a blessing.

The big camera hasn't been out much this month, and that's okay.  It makes me excited and refreshed to bring it out again after a little break.  So for now, here's a few things from January....

My kids have recently taken to climbing the trees in the backyard.  This does make me a little nervous (especially since Ethan just suffered a minor concussion last week), but geesh, I think tree climbing is a right of childhood.  Oh the fond memories I have of my brother and I playing in our apricot tree as kids.

We got to enjoy an hour of free play at Redlands Gymnastics Club.  Ethan was super excited to get to join us (as Alayna started gymnastics here three weeks ago).
We watched the Flores boys for about 24 hours the other week.  The kids loved having a sleepover.  WE took them to play in the snow and out for lunch to Del Taco.  Unfortunately the sleepover ended pretty dramatically when Ethan fell off the trampoline and onto his head and suffered from a concussion.  We took him to the ER to get checked out.  Thankfully it was minor.  It was scary though.  Boys....
Uncle Dan holding Stephen this past weekend. 
Fun at the park

 Most weeks we enjoy lunch after church with Matt's parents (although Sid can't come until he is a bit stronger).  We love this time to chat,
This doll house gets played with EVERY. SINGLE. Day.  Seriously the best toy I ever bought for her.  She is constantly pretending and imagining.  I love it.  Lately she plays with all of her little tiny dogs and calls it her "dog house".  She also got some Barbies for Christmas.  I'm not sure who enjoys them more, me or her :)
Here we are playing in the snow in Forrest Falls with the Flores boys.  The kids only lasted 20 minutes before they wanted to leave, haha.  Mostly because no one had mittens and their hands were freezing.  They did have fun while it lasted :) 
The four Hekman siblings. So fun to have everyone together this past weekend.
I mentioned that Alayna recently started gymnastics.  She LOVES it. . It's so fun for her to have something of her own to do :) 
Winter sunsets are the best.  I never fail to enjoy  them.  I never tire of our view.  From the backyard we get to watch the hills/mountains of Oak Glen change colors and from the font yard we get to see the magnificent skies as the sun sets.  I am always in awe.
 Matt grew up reading the Bible every single night after dinner with his family.  I love this idea.  We have read our children's Bible to the kids after dinner each night since they could understand.  It's part of our routine and I love it.  As they grow older we'll move to chapters out of the regular Bible.  This is our second time working our way through this one.
Ethan taking one of his dogs for a walk. 

We have a lot a couple of houses down from us.  Ethan has said he is going to buy it and build his house there for quite some time.  I love it.  I tell him I'd love to have him close :)

Me and a friend took our kids to the Children's hands on museum in Hemet over Christmas break and the loved it. 

Date afternoon!  My mom babysat and we got to enjoy lunch at The Elephant Bar and then a movie.  We saw the James Bond movie and really enjoyed it.
Another picture from the children's museum (I can't change the order of pictures when I blog them from my phone).
I have a girl come babysit every Friday for three hours so I can work.  She's wonderful and the kids adore her.  The past few weeks I've forgone the working and instead had some "me" time.  I've gotten my hair cut, a couple of massages (from the 12 Matt gave me for my birthday), and this past week I went to Ross and used a gift card and then had coffee and read a book at a local coffee shop.  It's been pretty wonderful to have a little "me" time since I'm not swamped with work right now :) 

Alayna enjoying her big girl bike.  She went on a ride around the whole block.  I was impressed. 


Christy said…
Fun stuff girl! If it makes you feel any better it's not just that Ethans a boy; I swore for like three years someone was going to turn us in because Ry was always so banged up. I always tell her she's my "son." ;)Black eyes, fractured collar bone, no skin from the knees to the neck after a skooter accident. Sigh....just to name a few.

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