Kind of Boxing Day

Today is January 2nd and I have to admit I was quite excited to go to the gym and eat a normal diet, lol.  I feel like we've been partying for two weeks straight, and it's been fun, but it's always nice to return to a normal diet :)  However, I still have a couple more holiday posts that I need included in my blog book/memories, so here is one of them....

For the past several years we have made it a tradition to spend Boxing Day at the Flores'.  This year Jolene didn't have the day off so we instead decided to have a sleepover on the Friday following Christmas.  Of course it was super fun, as any time spent with them is.  Ethan decided he wanted to sleep on the top bunk WITH Christian, so that's how they slept.  As the kids have gotten a little older it's become extremely relaxing to be together because the kids go off and play the entire time, and are VERY excited to have friends, and we get to hang out with our friends.  It's a total win-win situation.  The icing on the cake is that now that they have a little dog even the dogs have a buddy, lol.

We got to have some of the famous Flores tamales for dinner.  They always make sure to save us some from Christmas.  I love a good home-ade tamale :)

My girl is silly :)

The kiddos playing in the play room in their jammies in the morning

Self portraits in the mirror :)


Kelly said…
Love your necklace!
Christy said…
Glad you guys had fun and I agree eating normal and working out was the BEST this week. ;)

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