New Year's Eve

This is officially my last post related to the holidays :)  We decided to have a fancy dinner for New Year's Eve.  The Flores' came over and spent the night, and we had a great time.  We even got all dressed up.

I tried to set my table extra fancy.  We even busted out the china and nice silverware :)  I had fun putting together a little centerpiece with things I had on hand.

So, as you would at a nice restaurant, we started out with a drink at the bar.... I had an extra dirty gin martini.  For some reason that drink makes me feel classy, lol.  Not pictured is the array of fancy cheeses I had.  The most interesting one was a caramelized onion aged cheddar.

Our handsome bartender.  He makes great drinks.

It's kinda fun to get gussied up for a classy dinner :)

And now, onto the food.... mmmmmm. I made a prime rib roast (my first), and oh my.... it was DIVINE.  This is now going to be our new holiday tradition, I am so cooking one of these every year.  I used this recipe and it turned out fantastic.  I served sauteed Brussels sprouts, which I cooked in bacon fat :)  They had bacon, red onion, and a few other seasonings in them (including brown sugar).  I also made mashed potatoes and an arugula salad.  It was the perfect combo.  Dessert was a Williams Sonoma flour-less chocolate cake.  It was very rich.

We even had some after dinner club dancing.  We were joined by the little ones who can't resist a good dance party ;)

Even the dogs got in on the action.

And of course we had to toast at midnight (although for the kids we had them toast their apple cider at 8:30 when we put them to bed).  The adults stayed up until nearly 1:00 am.  We had fun playing the game Things from about 10:30-midnight.

We like to talk about how much money we would have spent had we gone out and done this somewhere, makes us feel good about ourselves ;)  This would have been a very expensive night out, so we feel quite accomplished that we enjoyed ourselves for 1/4 of the price.

So there you have it, New Year's Eve at the Hekman wine bar and fine dining bistro.  In the moring we awoke and had our traditional Ollie Bollen (made by Matt) and watched the Rose parade.  We went on a nice long walk, had fondu for lunch, hung out, played games, and enjoyed a very relaxing day.

They aren't naked, just shirt-less.

Happy New Year!  


Christy said…
So glad you had fun. Happy new year! Hope this is a blessed one for your sweet family.
Crystal Keilers said…
So fun. And I can say that I absolutely love that you got all dressed up for a fancy night in. Like LOVE that!

I'm calling you this week. xo

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