Thursday, February 28, 2013


Alayna started gymnastics last month.  She goes once a week and LOVES it.  She's so excited when she knows that it's her day for gymnastics :)  I brought my camera along last week so that I could snap a few pictures of her in action.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rock N Roll

I walked outside last week to my kids giggling away on the rocking horse.  They were too cute not to photograph :)  I've really been enjoying them lately.  They are at such a fun age.  They'll play together all day long and aren't nearly as needy.  They are sweet and fun and still have little kid in them.  I want to stop and freeze time... I don't want them to get older just yet :)

She was trying to make a mad face at me :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nope, it's not perfect

I have a confession for you guys.  You know how I post all kinds of pictures and you see nice green grass in the background?  Well, that's not our whole yard, it's only the pretty part.  We still have  part that needs some serious attention.  Last summer we were seriously dreaming and scheming about putting in a pool, but that's not going to happen in the near future :)  So for now it remains in it's um... natural state ;)  This used to bother me, but recently I realized my kids prefer to play back there primarily because there is dirt to dig in, trees to climb, and tons of messes to be made that no one cares about.  They are always in the junky part of the yard, and rarely do they play in the pretty manicured grass.

Don't judge folks... this ain't pretty ;)

I guess we are officially white trash with that nasty dried up kiddy pool in the dirt ;)

I guess this makes me happy, that the "ugly" part actually equates to more fun.  I love that they have the freedom to create, explore, get dirty and just be kids.  I remember spending HOURS outdoors with my brother doing the same thing.  We had a "clubhouse" in the backyard and I couldn't wait to rush outside to hang out in it.  I would far prefer this over kids who are begging to watch TV or play video games.  So yes, I do maybe get mad and yell sometimes when they track in mud, and they might be pretty well trained at having to take off their shoes at the back door, but my anal-ness ends there.  I let them climb trees, and have unstructured fun out there, because frankly in my mind, that's what childhood is all about :)

No, these aren't the best pictures, they were taken at 1:00, which is the hardest light in which to phonograph :)  But oh my, it's just "them".... climbing in their tree.  In fact Ethan claims this apricot tree is "his" tree.  It just makes me smile because my own brother and I spent HOURS in a huge apricot tree we had in our own backyard.  We had pet rats, and we would each have a rat on our shoulder while we climbed the tree in our dirty "play clothes".  Anytime I have my camera out lately Ethan is totally into posing, it's actually harder to get a candid picture of him :)

 Oh is this ever my girl.... climbing a tree barefoot :)  Painted toes and all....

hahaha, thanks for the photobomb Ethan!

A little about me...

Borrowed this from my friend Kelly's blog :)

1.  What is your favorite Starbucks order?  Skinny mint mocha.  If it's a hot drink, it needs to be extra hot.  I cannot handle hot beverages that are luke warm.  Once it turns luke warm I can no longer drink it.  I also like it iced.

2.  What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?  Tank tops.  I wear camisole tank tops under so many shirts. 

3.  What are two things that most people don't know about you?
  1.  I'd love to adopt a baby from China.  Am I actively pursuing this?  no, but gosh if I had $50,000 laying around I sure would.
  2. I have a hard time focusing.  Although anyone who knows me knows this :)  I'm kinda ADHD, I'm always flitting around from one thing to another.  I drive myself crazy.
4.  What is one thing you want to do before you die?  I'm choosing two things.  The first is to get to watch my kids grow old and have babies.  The second is to finally travel outside of this continent.  Besides the US, I've only been to Canada and Mexico.  I've never even further east than Colorado.

5.  What is one food you can't live without? I can only pick one????  That is too hard.  One thing I really adore is cheese.  I could give up all bread just to eat more cheese, mmmmm.  I especially like yummy gourmet cheeses.  Cheese makes everything better :)

6.  What's the #1 song on your iPod? Lately I'm always listening to Pandora.  I love that I can choose a station based on the genre I'm in the mood for, and then listen to different songs.  Lately when I'm cooking I really enjoy my "Bone Ivre" station, "Mumford and Sons" or "Madelyn Peroux".  When I'm working out I always listen to my house/dance music station, it gets me moving :)  I love to clean to my "Hillsong United" station, which is a great mix of good worship music.

7.  Pet peeve? Passive agressive people.  I can't handle that.  If you need to get something off your chest, go for it... don't hint around at it and try to do guilt trips. Just say what you mean and mean what you say :)

8. Ideal vacation?  Most definitely always the beach.  I adore the beach.  Swimming in the ocean, water sports, snorkeling, the constant feel of relaxation.  If I could, I'd go somewhere tropical every single year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My thoughts tonight

*I was sitting outside sunning myself while me and the kids ate lunch yesterday.  Seriously, sitting in the sun when it's in the 60s in Jan/Feb is like the best thing ever.  Anyhow, I was sitting there thinking that my life has changed a little.  My kids are now old enough that I no longer need to sit next to them every second of the day and entertain them.  They are quite content to go and play with each other.  I can send them to play outside and I only need to peek and monitor and listen every so often, I don't have to sit out there with them to make sure no one eats rocks or endangers their life.  I an actually sit at my computer and get a few hours of work accomplished while they are just playing.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love being with them and I really try to carve out time with them, however they don't need me as much anymore, and things will only continue down that path until they need me less and less. I'm not saying this is either good or bad, it's just a different phase of life.  Although I think it's a much easier phase than when they are little and need you every second they are awake.  I can't say I really miss having a baby or toddler around.  I do get a little tad of baby fever when I hold a really cute happy snuggly 6-9 month old, but I'm content with this new phase.

*I made beets again for the second time tonight.  The first time I didn't love them.  Tonight I liked them much more.  I roasted them with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper, then drizzled them with a bit of honey and balsamic glaze.  We ate them with roasted Brussel's sprouts and fish.  Yummy and healthy.  I will go off on a limb and say this.... don't be freaked out the next day after eating beets when you have a "movement".  Things get a little red in the toilet, and it doesn't mean you need to call your doctor.  Beets are crazy with their deep red color!

Yes, I went there.  Sorry.

*It's supposed to snow again tonight.  We got six inches a week and a half ago, and frankly it was fun and enough to fill up my snow tank for a year.  I spent the weekend working in the yard and it made me ready for spring, and gardening, and planting.  So this time around the snow and then ensuing mud doesn't seem so exciting.  Plus it's a school day tomorrow, ripping my boy away from fresh snow to take him to school will not be fun.  We'll see what happens.

* I just ate some frozen girl scout Thin Mints with some red wine.  It was a wonderful combo.  I do have to say I did NOT buy the girl scout cookies, and was proud of myself for staying clear of them.  However my hubby showed up with two boxes the other day.  Of course I have to have at least a few!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I brought the kids along to one of my Valentine's Mini Sessions so that I could take a few cute pictures of them.  I absolutely love these.  In fact I ordered a huge canvas of one of them for the play room :)  My lil' sweeties....

I hope today you find yourself feeling loved and loving on those around you :)  Our plans for tonight?  Dinner with our small group (since it's Thursday).  We'll be going out for our actual "valentine's dinner" in another week.  We plan on using our gift certificate to The Farm.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I found the kids like this the other day and found it precious, and so I had to snap a few pictures....

Alayna excitedly told me "Ethan knows all his letters now mom, he was reading them to me!"  Alayna looks at books all the time.  She will be so happy one day when she can actually read them herself :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

January Fun

I had to post a few pictures from January that were still on my camera.  In between bouts of really cold weather, we had some beautiful days.  When the weather is nice, my kids want to be outside all day long :)  I don't mind, in fact I prefer it.  It means my house stays clean, and I have happy kids who have spent the day using their imaginations.

One of their favorite outdoor activities lately is to climb trees.

They usually always play in the dirt/mud while they are outside as well.  Somehow Ethan manages to stay clean while Alayna usually gets filthy.

When they are indoors, a favorite activity is playing with Alayna's dollhouse.  She plays with this nearly every single day.  This was one of the best toys I have ever bought her.  Lately she does not use dolls in her doll house, but rather all the tiny little toy dogs she has.  She calls it her "dog house" :)