January Fun

I had to post a few pictures from January that were still on my camera.  In between bouts of really cold weather, we had some beautiful days.  When the weather is nice, my kids want to be outside all day long :)  I don't mind, in fact I prefer it.  It means my house stays clean, and I have happy kids who have spent the day using their imaginations.

One of their favorite outdoor activities lately is to climb trees.

They usually always play in the dirt/mud while they are outside as well.  Somehow Ethan manages to stay clean while Alayna usually gets filthy.

When they are indoors, a favorite activity is playing with Alayna's dollhouse.  She plays with this nearly every single day.  This was one of the best toys I have ever bought her.  Lately she does not use dolls in her doll house, but rather all the tiny little toy dogs she has.  She calls it her "dog house" :)


Kelly said…
Kendall has been asking for a doll house for her bday (in may). Where did you get this one? I love that you have a backyard that has so many great exploring things for the kids. :)

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