My thoughts tonight

*I was sitting outside sunning myself while me and the kids ate lunch yesterday.  Seriously, sitting in the sun when it's in the 60s in Jan/Feb is like the best thing ever.  Anyhow, I was sitting there thinking that my life has changed a little.  My kids are now old enough that I no longer need to sit next to them every second of the day and entertain them.  They are quite content to go and play with each other.  I can send them to play outside and I only need to peek and monitor and listen every so often, I don't have to sit out there with them to make sure no one eats rocks or endangers their life.  I an actually sit at my computer and get a few hours of work accomplished while they are just playing.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love being with them and I really try to carve out time with them, however they don't need me as much anymore, and things will only continue down that path until they need me less and less. I'm not saying this is either good or bad, it's just a different phase of life.  Although I think it's a much easier phase than when they are little and need you every second they are awake.  I can't say I really miss having a baby or toddler around.  I do get a little tad of baby fever when I hold a really cute happy snuggly 6-9 month old, but I'm content with this new phase.

*I made beets again for the second time tonight.  The first time I didn't love them.  Tonight I liked them much more.  I roasted them with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper, then drizzled them with a bit of honey and balsamic glaze.  We ate them with roasted Brussel's sprouts and fish.  Yummy and healthy.  I will go off on a limb and say this.... don't be freaked out the next day after eating beets when you have a "movement".  Things get a little red in the toilet, and it doesn't mean you need to call your doctor.  Beets are crazy with their deep red color!

Yes, I went there.  Sorry.

*It's supposed to snow again tonight.  We got six inches a week and a half ago, and frankly it was fun and enough to fill up my snow tank for a year.  I spent the weekend working in the yard and it made me ready for spring, and gardening, and planting.  So this time around the snow and then ensuing mud doesn't seem so exciting.  Plus it's a school day tomorrow, ripping my boy away from fresh snow to take him to school will not be fun.  We'll see what happens.

* I just ate some frozen girl scout Thin Mints with some red wine.  It was a wonderful combo.  I do have to say I did NOT buy the girl scout cookies, and was proud of myself for staying clear of them.  However my hubby showed up with two boxes the other day.  Of course I have to have at least a few!


Kelly said…
I almost bought beets yesterday, but didn't. Did the kids like them??
Christy said…
Random thought; did you know the thin mints are Vegan? I have no life.

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