Nope, it's not perfect

I have a confession for you guys.  You know how I post all kinds of pictures and you see nice green grass in the background?  Well, that's not our whole yard, it's only the pretty part.  We still have  part that needs some serious attention.  Last summer we were seriously dreaming and scheming about putting in a pool, but that's not going to happen in the near future :)  So for now it remains in it's um... natural state ;)  This used to bother me, but recently I realized my kids prefer to play back there primarily because there is dirt to dig in, trees to climb, and tons of messes to be made that no one cares about.  They are always in the junky part of the yard, and rarely do they play in the pretty manicured grass.

Don't judge folks... this ain't pretty ;)

I guess we are officially white trash with that nasty dried up kiddy pool in the dirt ;)

I guess this makes me happy, that the "ugly" part actually equates to more fun.  I love that they have the freedom to create, explore, get dirty and just be kids.  I remember spending HOURS outdoors with my brother doing the same thing.  We had a "clubhouse" in the backyard and I couldn't wait to rush outside to hang out in it.  I would far prefer this over kids who are begging to watch TV or play video games.  So yes, I do maybe get mad and yell sometimes when they track in mud, and they might be pretty well trained at having to take off their shoes at the back door, but my anal-ness ends there.  I let them climb trees, and have unstructured fun out there, because frankly in my mind, that's what childhood is all about :)

No, these aren't the best pictures, they were taken at 1:00, which is the hardest light in which to phonograph :)  But oh my, it's just "them".... climbing in their tree.  In fact Ethan claims this apricot tree is "his" tree.  It just makes me smile because my own brother and I spent HOURS in a huge apricot tree we had in our own backyard.  We had pet rats, and we would each have a rat on our shoulder while we climbed the tree in our dirty "play clothes".  Anytime I have my camera out lately Ethan is totally into posing, it's actually harder to get a candid picture of him :)

 Oh is this ever my girl.... climbing a tree barefoot :)  Painted toes and all....

hahaha, thanks for the photobomb Ethan!


Charlee said…
You are raising smarter kids by allowing them to play that way and I have research to prove it!
Annette said…
Yay! Dirt! Trees! Mud! Imagination! We all agree that this is the best kind of childhood EVER---I remember playing in the dirt and climbing trees with Mike and Matt and Dan(even when I was in college!) and my kids have the fondest memories of dirt and trees and mud and creative play too. Well done mama! xoxoxo from the cousins and auntie Net.
Kelly said…
I would take your backyard ANY day..."bad" parts and all!!! :)

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