Our Annual Snow

We left Friday morning knowing it might snow, it was cooooooold, and rainy.  The rain would turn to soft hail, and then back to rain.  We left and went to school and T-MOMS.

 I did not however expect to come home at noon to a blizzard!  lol.  Seriously, it was snowing quite hard, the roads were slick and covered with snow, and I was quite nervous driving home.  I have never really driven in the snow (matt always does), so when I was sliding around it was scary.  I was grateful to make it home.  The kids put on their jackets and rain boots, and promptly went out in the backyard to play in this....

Cookie is funny in the snow, she gets really cold and is a wimp :)

 Our view does not often look like this :)  It's so pretty, but I'm glad it only happens once or twice a year :)

The view from the front porch.

They would play for a while and then need to come in and warm up. As the sun was setting we went out and played in it one last time.  We built a snowman, then came inside and put the kids in the bath.  We made them snow cones out of real snow :) 

 It snowed off and on the rest of the day, and then we woke up in the morning there was still a ton of it.  So fun. The kids spent Saturday going out and playing in it for a while, then coming in to warm up.  I think Alayna went through four pairs of pants. At least we enjoy our once a year snow :)  I'd say we got about six inches total.  I was crazy and decided to go for a run in it, because it was so gorgeous.

Warming up inside :)

Definitely a fun end to the week :) Now this morning here I sit home from church while my family is at church. I have a super bad sore throat and am pretty sure I have come down with something else just as I was at the tail end of a cold.  I would really like to feel better!


Christy said…
The snow was amazing! That cold is a nasty one for sure. Poor Morgan was up all night AGAIN with a raging fever. :( I hope you feel better girl. Lots of warm tea.

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