The Good and the Not So Good

The Good

*Almost completing one of my "business to-do" tasks for January (thanks to my hubby helping me).

*Making it a whole week staying at my calorie goal.  I'm using an app on my phone to monitor my calorie intake and exercising right now to hopefully drop a few pounds.  Hurting my knee and indulging over the holidays left me a little fluffier than I'd prefer :) I lost 1 1/2 pounds last week.  This is huge for me because while I am definitely healthy and like to make good choices I have never successfully lost weight, haha.  Seriously, I've only ever gained it :)

*I've had almost no desserts this past week, the less sugar I eat, the less I find myself craving it.  I used to crave it all the time, and now I don't so much. 

*We recently switched our satellite provider.  Since we signed on with a new one we have three months of Showtime, Cinimax, STARS and HBO, and all of it on demand, which means we can watch stuff whenever we want.  So much fun.

The Not So Good

*Both Matt and I woke up sick yesterday.  We were excited to have a weekend with nothing going on so that we could make some dents in our project list.  I doubt that will happen now with the way we feel.  My mom had also offered to babysit so we could go out on a date, we decided to take a rain check.  Bummer.

*Whenever Ethan gets in trouble lately he explodes and tells us we are trying to hurt his feelings on purpose.  Not fun. 


And I will leave you with one happy picture from the little mini session I did with my kids yesterday.  I love that they love each other.  Despite the fights they have, they really are best buds.


Christy said…
Sorry you guys are under the weather........feel better soon and keep p the good work with your no sugar! :)
Kelly said…
So funny to think about the days when we planned to watch our favorite show at a certain time. I don't even know what time/day some of our shows are on!! :)

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