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Happy birthday mom!

We celebrated my mom's birthday this past weekend.  We made her the meal of her choice which ended up being BBQ ribs, homemade corn bread, baked potatoes, grilled squash and a chocolate dessert.  It was a delicious meal and we had no problem devouring it!  Those ribs are so amazing.... mmmmm.

The kids and I made cupcakes for her "party".  I really only made them because the kids think it's fun :)  To them a birthday party must include cupcakes!  This was my second attempt ever at trying to decorate cupcakes.  It's not my strength.  I've also never taken a class or anything, maybe I need to, haha!

The kids and my mom

Me and Jerrod and my mom

Uncle Jerrod assisted them in finding a few bugs to put in their insect collection jar.  They only watned the rolly pollies.

I've been letting Cupcake out of her cage to enjoy the yard when we are out there.  She has a great time eating grass and running around.  She is fun to watch.

She thinks my pansies are tasty, s…

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Sea World

We got to go to Sea World last week with our friend's homeschool group.  It turned out to be a perfect day.  The sun was shining, the kids were happy, we were happy, we had fun with our friends.... it was great!  OUr favorite show was once again the dolphin show.  I love how they combine sort of a Cirque de Sol El feel with dolphins, makes for a great show.

On the way there.... excited!

We bought some fish and fed the sea lions.
 Waiting for the Shamu show to start.  We got to see the new three week old baby Shamu!  So cute!

Sea turtles.  Hard to believe that just this past July Matt and I saw even bigger ones than this while snorkeling in Hawaii :)
  Sharks!!  Me and Faithy at the Shamu show.  The little kids riding a spinning ride.  Notice I am NOT on there, haha.  One spin in that and I would have been a gonner.  ALayna is on there too but you can't see her.

And of course, a huge highlight when visiting Sea World is the beer!  lol.  We got to sample some local beers, whi…

Introducing Cupcake

I haven't introduced our newest little family member on the blog yet.  For months I've been wanting a bunny, specifically a Holland Lop.  There hadn't been any in the pet stores, so the other week when I called Elliot's Pet Emporium in San Bernardino and they told me they had two, I jumped in my car and went and got one.

This is Cupcake, our bunny.  hehe, of course I photographed her like this.... she helped me out on my mini sessions this weekend ;)

The kids are loving her. She is a Holland Lop so that means she's a dwarf, so she won't get too huge.  I grew up with these bunnies so I have a special place in my heart for them :)  I have her pretty much litter box trained now (which is easy to do).  We are going to build her a big cage, but I need to get my supplies :)  Cookie is doing well with her as well.