Happy birthday mom!

We celebrated my mom's birthday this past weekend.  We made her the meal of her choice which ended up being BBQ ribs, homemade corn bread, baked potatoes, grilled squash and a chocolate dessert.  It was a delicious meal and we had no problem devouring it!  Those ribs are so amazing.... mmmmm.

The kids and I made cupcakes for her "party".  I really only made them because the kids think it's fun :)  To them a birthday party must include cupcakes!  This was my second attempt ever at trying to decorate cupcakes.  It's not my strength.  I've also never taken a class or anything, maybe I need to, haha!

The kids and my mom

Me and Jerrod and my mom

Uncle Jerrod assisted them in finding a few bugs to put in their insect collection jar.  They only watned the rolly pollies.

I've been letting Cupcake out of her cage to enjoy the yard when we are out there.  She has a great time eating grass and running around.  She is fun to watch.

She thinks my pansies are tasty, so I have to keep her away from those.

 I finally ordered the stuff to make her the huge cage, so once it comes and I make it I can find her a friend :)  I read that bunnies need a companion, so I've been looking into what to do.  If I get a male I have to get it neutered, but apparently that is the best kind of pare: female/male.


krista said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet Mama! Your cupcakes look great!! And I really love the Cupcake (bunny) pictures. Especially the hopping picture- very cool :)
Patty said…
I think your cupcakes (both live and edible) look pretty great!
Get a male, breed them and then I can have a couple of the babies :)
Kelly said…
Umm...your cupcakes look very professional! Give yourself some credit!!! Fun day! :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
Those cupcakes look amazing! Happy birthday to your sweet Mama! Yes, I agree, get a male and breed them, I may be interested...
Christy said…
Happy birthday Debbie! Oh and I think your cupcakes are beautiful! :) OK I need to come love on that bunny.

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