Recent Snippets

A little play date at the park with cousins.  Alayna loves her baby cousin Jeffrey :)

An after dinner game

Scootering around with my boy.  Doing physical activities with him fills up his love tank :) Thanks for the picture Alayna!

Pretending is what feels up her love tank.  Her favorite thing to pretend is that she is a kitty, and I of course have to be the Mommy kitty.

She's happiest when barefoot, even if it's 45 degrees outside!!!!

Love this picture of my two cuties.  

Matt and I got to go to Time in a Bottle with our Thursday dinner group.  We had purchased a wine tasting at the RCS Golf Tournament and finally got to use it.  It was a very fun evening.  We didn't leave until 10:30, and it was a weeknight!!!

The ladies (from that same night).  Guess I didn't take a picture of the guys.

I painted my nails for the first time in like two years.  I have to say that I was happy they lasted for four days, that's a lot!  I think it's because of a new topcoat I bought that my friend Crystal recommended.   I also gave Alayna a manicure :)

The same week we got to do the wine tasting we also had my mom babysit and went out to celebrate Valentine's Day (although it was a week and a half after Valentine's, we didn't care).  We used our gift certificate to The Farm from Matt's parents and had a wonderful evening.

 An after dinner stroll.

Took my girl out for donuts one morning when Ethan was at school.

Frugos!  We all love Frugos :)

Alayna got to have a sleepover at my mom's.  She came home with this darling braid and flower in her hair.  If only I could do that!  I'm so lame at doing hair.

She begs me to go on this thing whenever we are at the 99 cent store.  The pure joy in her face makes it totally worth that 50 cents!  Truth be told I'll really miss it when she thinks she's too old for this.

Me and my boy at lunch on Sunday at Chili's.   He's definitely my snuggler, and so very affectionate.  He promises me he will snuggle me when he's a big man :)


Kelly said…
Yes, I wish I could do Kendall's hair super cute too. Yes, those rides outside stores are often very worth the 50 cents. Glad you guys had a nice night at The Farm. I'm sure you ordered something we wouldn't have touched with a 10 foot pole!! Ha!
Christy said…
10:30 on a week night? Living on the edge girl, living on the edge. Ha! Ha!,

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