Sea World

 We got to go to Sea World last week with our friend's homeschool group.  It turned out to be a perfect day.  The sun was shining, the kids were happy, we were happy, we had fun with our friends.... it was great!  OUr favorite show was once again the dolphin show.  I love how they combine sort of a Cirque de Sol El feel with dolphins, makes for a great show.

On the way there.... excited!

We bought some fish and fed the sea lions.

 Waiting for the Shamu show to start.  We got to see the new three week old baby Shamu!  So cute!

Sea turtles.  Hard to believe that just this past July Matt and I saw even bigger ones than this while snorkeling in Hawaii :)

 Me and Faithy at the Shamu show.
 The little kids riding a spinning ride.  Notice I am NOT on there, haha.  One spin in that and I would have been a gonner.  ALayna is on there too but you can't see her.

And of course, a huge highlight when visiting Sea World is the beer!  lol.  We got to sample some local beers, which of course made Matt very happy :)


Christy said…
What a fun family day!!! The weather looks great down there!

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