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Our newest Family Member

I had been wanting to get Cupcake a friend for a while, and so this past week I got a new little bunny.  She is a dwarf rabbit.  I was a tad nervous because I didn't know if they would take to each other since they are both female, but it was instant friendship.  I think it helped that the new bunny was a baby, and Cupcake is still young.  They are always together in the cage, snuggling or laying next to each other or eating together.  It's pretty cute.  Cupcake seems happier as well.  We kept with our "sweet C" theme and named her Cocoa since she is darker.  She actually has a super sweet personality, and I think she's more people friendly than Cupcake.   Apparently once bunnies bond, they are bonded for life and really love each other.  I guess everyone needs a friend :)

This was only two hours after bringing her home :)

No Training Wheels

Ethan is now riding his bike without training wheels.  It happened rather spontaneously.

 Last year we took the training wheels off and he freaked out and refused to ever try again, so we put them back on.  Lately he has been riding and not even using the training wheels (which were loose), but balancing so that they weren't touching the ground.  We asked him after dinner the other night if he would like us to take them off again, he said yes, and off we went.  Matt took off the training wheels, and Ethan hopped on and flew around the driveway.  No wobbling at all. He was a maniac.

It was such a fun moment.  One of my favorite parenting moments.  The pure joy on his face, the giggles, the proud feeling... magical.  We all giggled and delighted in his accomplishment. Moments like those will stay in my memory forever :)

Easter Through the Years

A few people asked me to post a picture with our annual family picture on Easter at my mom's.  Here we are, every year since having kids :)  Every year is in front of the same rock, except the first. Kinda fun.

Easter Re-Do

Since the Flores family was in Mexico on a mission's trip for Easter, we did not get to celebrate with them.  We have made it a yearly tradition to celebrate Easter together at my mom's.  We decided to have an "Easter re-do" at our house.  We made some amazing baby back ribs, and had a nice BBQ.  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed being outside all afternoon.  We of course had to have our annual picture with all 8 of us, it's the only time a year we take one!

Johny striking a pose
Jolene made Alayna another super cute dress up dress :)  She loves to wear them.  It's a good thing her Auntie Jolene can sew, because I can't! ;)

Children's Museum

Last week I convinced my mom to take a day off and come along with us to the Children's hands on museum in the desert.  I've been trying to take one day to do something fun with them for the bulk of the day each week.  This also helps me take a step away from my work and just enjoy them :)  It was a fun day and the kids really enjoyed it.  It was so nice to have my mom along too and be able to spend some time with her.  These are all cell phone pics, so excuse the low quality :)  I will post some pics from my big girl camera next, haha.

Ethan loved these little race car things.  Be very proud of me, I built one with him.  They had parts and directions and this VERY non technical construction hating mama built one that worked.  I was proud of myself.

They LOVED the grocery store as well :)

Dress up

They loved making pizzas :)


April has been insanely busy.  I finally had my first day off this past Sunday for pretty much the whole month.  Photography is crazy like that, you can be crazy busy one month and slow the next, so I'm grateful for the business when it comes!  It just means things get a tad crazy :)  Here are some updates from cell phone pictures from the past month....

The biggest thing this month was Ethan starting soccer.  This is the very first sport he has played.  He is loving it.  His first game he scored 9 goals.  The second game was harder and he was playing a harder team and got super upset that it wasn't like the first game, so he spent most of the game upset by the sidelines instead of trying.  He wound up playing the 4th quarter and scoring three goals so that cheered him up.  We are learning about sportsmanship and playing with a team :)  Good lessons!  It's super cute and fun watching him play :)  It's just a short six week spring season.

Uncle Jerrod has been enjoying …